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The LITTLE THINGS that Matter

"The small things you do every day

bring you closer to your spiritual truth,

the purity of your sou."

~Deepak Chopra

BIG THINGS bring BIG RESULTS...that don't usually last.

You know how that works.

You go on a retreat, or seminar, or intensive training.

You learn all the things.

You get all fired up and excited.

Then you get home.

You have big plans to implement all the things.

KEEP all the changes.

But life gets in the way.

Old Habits Happen.

Gradually everything goes back to normal...and not the NEW normal you'd planned and hoped and dreamed of achieving.

Life goes back to the old normal.


I know this because I lived it, way too many times.

I spent thousands, tens of thousands of dollars on retreats and seminars and big events.

For example, I went on a yoga bootcamp.

Hike a mountain, meditate, do yoga, journal some, talk about our journals, teach yoga, learn about teaching yoga, do more yoga, journal some more, learn more about teaching yoga, meditate again, go to bed and do it all over again the next day, for eight straight days.

During that first yoga bootcamp, I learned a lot of things about myself. For example, I CAN do handstand and hold it for more than a couple breaths and I CAN eat vegan and love it.

I came home with a stronger and sleeker body, a clearer and more focused mind, and an intention to cook these amazing vegan meals, hike and meditate and practice 2 hours daily.

I also came home with a curious side-effect, a deeper and fuller VOICE, which made my yoga teaching that much better.

And about two months later, my daily hikes had become weekly hikes, and my daily yoga went from 3 hours down to 45 minutes, if I was lucky...and meditation was a distant memory. And I wondered if that deep resonant voice and that magic handstand were just ghosts I had imagined.

Big things like retreats and intensives and seminars produce big results, that don't usually last.

This is because our brains and nervous systems are not designed to function from big changes, but rather they function by repetition, small daily habits, consistency...

It's the LITTLE THINGS that we do every single day that form habits and create unconscious norms that cause the biggest over-time changes THAT LAST in our lives.

I've been to enough "life-changing" workshops, trainings, bootcamps, retreats, and seminars to know that the real work is what happens every single day at home.

This is why I've created my CHAKRA IMMERSION PROGRAM.

This is a 9-month adventure where you will learn

  • what the chakras are and how they work in your brain and nervous system to manage all the areas of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, etc.

  • how YOUR chakras formed, developed, and what tendencies they have. Why and how they fall in and out of balance, and how your ancestral and genetic history influenced their function.

  • simple and practical 30-second "little things" chakra balancing exercises that you can do all day every day to create those new normal every day habits that cause the long-term change that lasts. These are things you do while you are in the shower, while you wash dishes, while you are waiting in line, while you are doing all the normal every day things you do in your life.

  • tools & techniques to manage your sensitivity, over-thinking, over-giving, over-doing, and over-whelm of life (including how to establish and maintain better boundaries)

  • connect with your Spirit and Nature in a way that invigorates you and integrates easily into your everyday life.

  • trust your intuition and access that deep inner sense of peace, calm, and faith no matter what happens in life.

  • activate the energy, drive, and passion inside you to share your gifts and blessings with others and serve your community in bigger ways every single day

I invite you to join me and a SMALL group of dedicated practitioners in this 9-month exploration of your chakra system.

You will get

  • once a month live group teaching lessons based in mini-lessons that your brain can handle in bite-sized chunks

  • manageable and practical homework that fits into your every day life

  • time between sessions to practice what you have learned

  • once a month live group Q&A sessions to share your experience, growth, wins, challenges, and get live coaching from me on your issues

  • once a month private 1:1 session to explore your individual needs and chakra alignment

  • private and secure online portal

  • tons of supplemental resources

  • education taught by a teacher in the way your brain and body learn best

This program is limited to a small group (15 people) of dedicated students. Apply now to see if you are the right fit.


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