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Sacred Mentorship

Personalized 1:1 Support
to Embrace Your Eldership

"Teri is phenomenal at what she does. I feel such an amazing connection with her that makes me want to better myself with her guidance." ~Samantha

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

In 2009 on the eve of my 36th birthday, I went through a deep Spiritual Eldership Initiation Process (the youngest female ever to go through that initiation).

Initiation is a series of trials and challenges designed to create lasting and irreversible change. Over the next 10 years I experienced many BIG trials (financial ruin, homelessness,  depression, divorce, narcissistic abuse, chronic pain, sleep disruptions, and so much more).


But, I consciously chose to stay mindful through it all, and ended up experiencing some of the greatest growths of my life in those years. Now, in my 50s, I am living my best life ever, all because I approached my Midlife Metamorphosis with a scientific awareness and a spiritual practice.

As your mentor and coach,

I commit to helping you find the answers within yourself 

Remembering the ultimate Source of your energy

And celebrating the gifts inside the trials

of your Midlife Metamorphosis.

...all with a playful energy, a depth of connection, and a consistently positive attitude.




I use a unique multi-modality approach based on decades of experience & research.
(no fancy crystals, oils, or other woo-woo tools required)


Kundalini Yoga Outside

Learn the power of oxygen to create balance & alignment in everything.


Practice the BEST breathing technique to reset your nervous system and create a new baseline. Teach your body to default to a fuller and deeper breathing rhythm.

Body Awareness


Learn how to listen to your body and work use it as it was designed to be used.


Practice specific posture and muscle exercises throughout your everyday life - to train yourself into a healthier new normal.

Nervous System Reset


Learn a simple and practical approach to resetting your nervous system to a new and healthier baseline normal.


Develop a new self-talk language by getting clear on the power of linguistics and language in your monkey mind.

Brain Training

Brain Illustration

Discover how the brain processes memories and how to change patterns and unconscious behaviors through inner child healing work.


Practice short brain training and neurological rewiring exercises to heal childhood wounding and create new habits and norms.

Nature Rituals

Image by Robert Lukeman

Develop a practice of connecting iwth nature (earth, water, fire, etc.) as a way to  find peace and balance as you access your true nature.


Address deep seeded issues and challenges on subconscious and unconscious levels.

Ancestor Work

Image by Anne Nygård

Develop and maintain a spiritual relationship with your ancestors.


Heal generational trauma by establishing a sustainable daily spiritual practice that is both fulfilling and enticing as well as deeply healing and supportive to your overall wellness.

How it works

A Sacred Container of Support on Multiple Levels

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

Step 1

FREE Initial Consult

  • I will ask you a series of questions about the physical, mental, and emotional challenges you face through your midlife metamorphosis.

  • I will give you a mini-coaching session including a re-framing of perspective on your issues and a description of how my coaching could help you long-term.

  • At the end of this call, we will decide together if we feel like a good fit for mentorship.

  • If yes, we will move on to Step 2 and you will pay a one-time fee for the Personal Assessment and Treatment Plan Process.

  • If no, I will suggest which of my online courses or group programs you might find beneficial and/or refer you to providers I think would be a better fit for your needs.

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Step 2

Personal Assessment & Treatment

  • You fill out an extensive Personal Assessment Survey.

  • We will meet on video call for an in-depth interview.

  • I will create your Personalized Treatment Plan and present the first draft to you.

  • You have up to two meetings to work with me to revise the Personalized Treatment Plan. 

  • If you LOVE the plan we move to step 3.

  • If you don't accept the plan, we meet one more time for an exit interview, at which time I give you your money back.

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Step 3

Monthly Coaching

  • This is where the real work happens!

  • We will meet regularly and consistently. 

  • You will feel heard, supported, and  guided through your entire process.

  • You will have unlimited email support through a private and secure client portal.

  • You will have access to a library of digital resources and online courses to supplement your learning.

  • We will re-evaluate at the beginning of session 3. If we feel the process is not working, you get your coaching fees reimbursed and we end the mentorship.

  • We will track your progress with practical metrics, and adjust as necessary based on your growth and progress until you reach all the benchmarks on your Treatment Plan.

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Step 4

Graduation & Maintenance

  • My goal is to work myself out of a job, and for you to no longer need mentorship.

  • Your last coaching session is a Future Forward Action Plan in which we will review your progress from day one to completion of your Treatment Plan.

  • We will determine an actionable plan to maintain your success and continue to grow without coaching. This may include a quarterly maintenance package for future sessions, or a checklist to determine when you need follow-up check-ins.  

  • If you have other dreams and desires that were not included in the initial Treatment Plan, we can create a new Treatment Plan and start again with new intentions.

Personal Treatment Plan
Money Back Guarantee

Through a deep process that includes an extensive personal assessment survey and an in-depth interview, I will work with you and for you to create a Personalized Treatment Plan. If, after two revisions of that Treatment Plan, you don't love the plan and feel like it will help you reach your goals and desired outcomes, you can stop coaching and get your money back (you get to keep the Personal Treatment Plan).

Let's Continue Guarantee

My clients report a 50% to 75% improvement in their specified intentions at the beginning of their third session, and they maintain that level of growth through the duration of their coaching with me.


At the start of your third session, we will review your process and progress. If, for any reason, either one of us feels the mentorship is not a fit or not working, we will terminate the program and you will get your coaching fees reimbursed.


A Spiritual Up-Leveling that enhances every area of your life.

"I want to give everyone I know the gift of mentorship  with Teri Leigh. I’m going through some major life changes in the form of medical issues and was really struggling to wrap my brain around everything in a productive forward thinking way. The transformative re-frame TeriLeigh showed me has been monumental. It’s only been a couple days but the relief I feel after receiving her help sorting out all my feelings and experiences has been life changing." ~Pam

"I have been doing great since our last session. I have been traveling since mid September, and am currently at my daughter’s house. I credit you to me being able to be more of an advisor to her on this trip, rather than her mom! I greatly appreciate you. I will probably reach out to you at the beginning of the year to decompress from all my activity over the last several months." ~Monica

When I was seeing a therapist, I always left in a ball of tears. TeriLeigh isn't a therapist, and I walk away feeling clarity and  knowing what I need to do next." ~Heather

"I have found ways to ground and maintain joy during difficult times. My husband and I now have a practice of hugging for a complete 10 seconds (or more). We listen to uplifting positive music, and we are not living in fear but in joy despite all the stuff going on in our world." ~Lindee

"What you notice about TeriLeigh right off the bat is that she is very comfortable in her own skin, so she makes you comfortable in your skin. She brought the comfortable skin to my house. Both my daughter and I have relished the readings and sessions and time spent with TeriLeigh. She is very nonjudgmental and right to the point at the same time. Her advice has been practical, magical, and spot on. I trust what she is telling me to be kind and thoughtful and I know that she cares deeply. She can teach you to listen and trust yourself and weed out the crap that doesn’t matter." ~Joan

"Healing is a journey, and nature helps. TeriLeigh helped coach me through some of my divorce and taught me that water always soothes those aches and invigorates me.  I am happier, healthier, stronger, more empowered - and still growing and healing- learning that healing isn’t linear." ~Amanda

"TeriLeigh helped me to get out of a toxic work environment.  I am on a physical and spiritual overhaul with my finances. I have a better ability to keep my cool and teach my children. I have removed toxic relationships from my life and am working on repairing important ones. I am still off my medication, and I am now head first into starting my business. Don’t get me wrong, it's not magic and I still have to use the skills I learned EVERYDAY. But I have the power back, and looking forward to having Teri help me with my business endeavors. Thank you Teri for always being there, and helping myself and others take back what is theirs." ~Aleshia


TeriLeigh helped me navigate a traumatic experience. My life has been made whole again.