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Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

Private 1:1
Sacred Mentorship with TeriLeigh

"TeriLeigh is phenomenal at what she does.
I feel such an amazing connection with her
that makes me want to better myself with her guidance." ~Samantha

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

You're going through some MAJOR HARD STUFFS

(divorce, empty nest, career change, grief/loss, health challenge,

caring for an ailing loved one, moving home)

perhaps this transition 

is time for a TRANSFORMATION.

Are you ready for a LIFE UPGRADE?

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

Major Life Transitions are like the work

of a seed growing under the surface: 

dark, quiet, arduous, sacred, mysterious,

and eventually fruitful and radiant.


Sacred Mentorship helps you 

break through the surface


What You Will Learn

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

You may be asking yourself

“why is this happening to me?”


because much of what you are experiencing

is entirely out of your control.

Be Mindful through your Critical Life Event

so that you can let go of what you cannot control

and embrace what you can.

What You Get

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost? Why aren't prices listed here?

Personalized coaching and mentorship is just that, very personalized. And, the level of in-depth personalized process you get in this program is a real investment and transformation. Pricing is based entirely on client needs, process, timing, and budget. In your initial consultation we will determine if we are a good partnership fit. If so, we will go over various programming and pricing options to determine together what is the best solution for you.

How long is the program? How many weeks? Months?

Every client is different in their needs and their ability to invest time into mentorship. In your initial consultation once we determine we are good mentorship fit, we will work together to develop a program that fits your schedule and needs. If you want MASTERY across a number of different issues - I will recommend several months of coaching. If you want GROWTH and PRACTICE - I will recommend several weeks of mentorship.

How many clients are on your caseload? Will I have access to you if I need you in an emergency?

I limit my active client enrollment to 12 clients. I believe in over-delivering the support you need. If I have a full caseload of 12 clients, I will take a down payment to hold your spot and delay starting until a slot opens. I offer unlimited coaching in the form of emails within your client portal. I usually respond to emails within 2 business days. And, if a major emergency arises, you may text me and I will respond at my earliest convenience. Depending on the need, I might suggest we add a bonus session to your package (at an additional cost).

How much homework is there?

We will personalize your homework assignments to your learning style. Some clients prefer a slower pace with shorter homework assignments, and other clients work best at a faster pace with bigger assignments. I prescribe 3 types of homework: 1 - 30-second MOZI Method Exercises - these are the most important practices that do the deep layer work to cause the fundamental change. I suggest you link these exercises to already established daily habits (like washing your hands) and you practice them several times a day. 2 - Nature Connection practices that can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours to perform, depending on your own level of engagement. I will only prescribe one of these per session, to be completed just once before you next session. 3 - Audio recorded brain training exercises. These are guided imagination practices that link your visual/sensory imagination and memory to some physical action and the work on the neurological level to change your brain and body chemistry. When I prescribe these, I usually drop the audio-recording into the client portal sometime in the weeks between your sessions, to be completed once before your next session. They take anywhere from 10-30 minutes.

How long do I have access to the online portal?

At the time of "graduation" I will provide you with a link to download all your personal client notes, audio lessons, and video lessons. That link will have a deadline, at which time I will close access. At the time of "graduation" (or when you terminate coaching) I will offer you an one-time opportunity to purchase any online courses and digital resources at an extremely discounted rate. If you choose to decline that purchase, you will lose access to all digital resources and online courses.

Whimsical and colorful rainbow glitter background perfect for celebrating the LGBTQIA comm

Start Here

Be Heard.

Feel Seen.

Get Support.

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