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A Triple Threat Antidote to the Wintertime Blues (S.A.D.)

Tuesday Tales - How I Handled It When a Man SPAT IN MY FACE.

Every year around this time of year, I endure S.A.D...seasonal affective days. (I didn't use the word "suffer" or the word "disorder" on purpose...because I believe suffering is optional and words matter).

Living in MN, the sunlight exposure of the days gets shorter the closer we get to the winter solstice, and the colder weather keeps me indoors...meaning less natural sun Vitamin D.

Energetically, SAD is a depression, a depletion, an intense slow-down of all of your chakra's energy. The less sunlight you get, the more your energy and nervous system "chills" and moves a little more sludge-like.

I remember one particular year, a dark a dreary grey winter day. I parked my car in downtown St. Paul MN and started walking the one block in the bitter cold, sloshing my boots through the icy slush when a man accosted me.

He muttered unintelligibly at me.

and then.


and muttered more as he ran away.

It was cold enough that I felt his saliva start to crystallize on my cheeks in the time it took to raise my mittened hand to my face to wipe it away.

I felt sad for him.



I felt completely overwhelmed with

all the empath feels.

That man clearly had a much worse case of SAD than I did.

Every year, when it gets uber cold, I remember that man and that day as one of the darkest moments of human connection I have ever experienced.

The years since my SAD symptoms have been progressively better.

And every day

I say to Hobbit

how much I love him

and how much I appreciate our life together.

And every day

Hobbit makes me laugh.

I do believe that the super secret antidote to SAD is threefold:

🌀 daily gratitude

🌀 daily love

🌀 daily laughter

if you want to know how SAD affects your chakras, I do free chakra readings for new clients.


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