TeriLeigh's Bio

I believe in writing in ink, crossing out, and making a mess because the mess is the fun. Starting over on a fresh clean sheet of paper is called for from time to time as well. Be it crooked or confused or careful or conscious, all stumbles and crumbles are valid and precious. 


  • ​Master of Arts in Teaching

  • Bachelor of Arts in Writing & Literature

  • 20+ Years Teaching Experience

  • 20,000+ Direct Teaching Hours

  • 200,000+ Students

  • 10+ Years in Public High School Education

  • 15+ Years in Health & Wellness Education 

  • Published Author 

  • Nationally Travelled Speaker & Teacher

  • Posture & Body Mechanics Expert

  • Mindfulness Master

Job Descriptions
Wisdom Weaver
Stress Whisperer
Happiness Amplifier
Perspective Enhancer
Hardship Softener
Negativity Crusher
Monkey Mind Shusher
My Interests
Anatomy & Physiology
Yoga & Chakras
My Journal