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The Golden Goblets

Allow me to tell you the story of a true SACRAL CHAKRA DOMINANT soul.

This is the Tale of The GOLDEN GOBLETS

My parents have six wine glasses and a decanter made of Murano glass that they purchased in Italy in 1999.

Hobbit calls them "the golden goblets"...and every time he sees them his eyes get big and his voice goes deep and his fingers get all finger-flippery.

It's a running joke with my parents now that every time Hobbit sees the goblets this alternate ego of his comes out and salivates over them. And if he is ever left alone in their presence, they just might go missing...

As his in-laws, I think my entire family believes that Hobbit was left alone with Saturday morning cartoons a bit too much as a child and somehow he absorbed all the characters into the massive database of fun-funs he has stored in his nervous system.

These characters emerge in their own ways several times a day...forcing deep belly laughter that vibrates the whole house.

This has become the new normal to my life since meeting the Hobbit.

At first, I resisted. I tried to nudge him back to reality and practicality.

Which only encouraged his characters more. Intuitively, he knows that my own sacral chakra is naturally rather deficient. (it's that whole opposites attract law of physics)

But now, years later, I have surrendered. I play along (most of the time), and sometimes I even initiate the belly laughter in my own ways.

Thank you dear Hobbit, for bringing my sacral chakra into better balance and teaching me how to blow my own joy-bubbles.

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