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"TeriLeigh taught me that my heart is stretching.
I grew stronger through my pain." ~Kathy
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Chakra Empath

Sacred Mentorship

Balance and Align your

Empath Sensitivities

so you can live in a state of

Internal Peace & Calm

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Brain Training

Stop over-thinking and second-guessing so that you can trust your intuition, gain clarity & focus, and feel confident  in your decisions.


Balance your hormones and regulate your nervous system so that you can soothe anxieties and over-sensitivities and feel balanced, peaceful, and calm.

Nature Healing

Access the collective wisdom of your ancestors and connect with the deep truths in nature so that you can get grounded, feel supported, and heal generational patterns.

Chakra Balance

Break patterns 

of over-giving and over-doing so that you can attract and nurture healthy relationships 

where you feel secure, loved, supported, and valued.

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This Sacred Container provides a safe and supportive space so that you can get grounded in your values, intentions, and beliefs.

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You will learn practical steps to shift your perspective and let go of limiting beliefs so that you can open to creative possibilities.

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You will practice simple exercises to remind you of your inner confidence so that you can take the steps to create the life you want.

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I will help you establish healthy boundaries so that you can attract and nurture healthy relationships where you feel fully secure, loved,  supported, and valued.

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You will develop skills in speaking your mind clearly so that you can stop hiding and be your true self.

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You will learn practical ways to access your intuition and trust yourself so that you can find the answers you  have within yourself.

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I will show you what you can't see for yourself, so that you can tap into the collective wisdom of your ancestors and heal generational trauma of your lineage.

This practical step-by-step chakra balancing process

will guide you through the spiritual growth 

of any major life transition

so that you can evolve to a 


Spiritual Growth & Transformation 

is a journey, not a destination

and you don't have to do it alone.

You want someone

to gently help you

see what you can't see 

and show you the blindness & blocks stopping you from spiritually evolving.

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I See You

I Hear You

I Feel You

I Support You

I Understand You

I Affirm You

I Validate You

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"I’m so grateful to have Teri Leigh as a mentor in my life. Her unique, detailed and powerful approach does more for me more in one hour than I get from months of traditional therapy."  ~Pam

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Here's Everything You Get

  • 6-Month Sacred Container
    We will meet every other week (12 sessions) so that you can stay focused & accountable, feel seen & heard, and know you are fully supported through your journey. 

  • Personal 7-Chakra Reading, Diagnostics, and Assessment
    You will receive an in-depth chakra reading and analysis in two sessions (2-hours each). Together, we will understand how your chakras developed, identify their tendencies towards balance and imbalance, and know the strengths of your dominant chakra(s) so that we have a clear road map for our work together based on your individual needs and desires.

  • Client Portal
    You will have private & secure access to an online portal where we will keep all your mentorship documents, materials (session notes, milestone tracking, bonus online courses, homework assignments, etc.), and communications so that you can track your progress, keep all your notes and lessons in one place, and refer back anytime. 

  • Text & Email Support
    I will text you once a week to check-in, and I will answer one email with questions each week so that you feel fully supported between sessions and never feel alone on your journey.

  • Energetic & Spiritual Support
    I will offer you consistent spiritual guidance and support in the form of prayers, energy healing, shaman rituals, and nature offerings so that you feel constantly held and nurtured throughout this 6-month sacred spiritual.

  • Post-Program Follow-Up Action Plan
    Your last mentoring session will review your overall growth and create an action plan for staying on track so that you can feel confidence and support after your program completes.

  • BONUS - Focused Breathing Online Course (optional)
    You will learn the BEST breathing technique designed to regulate your nervous system and change your hormone chemistry so that you can calm your over-thinking brain chatter and quickly change your mood to peace, balance, and equanimity. ($50 value)

  • BONUS - The Goldilocks Principle: Online Chakra Course  (optional)
    You will learn how to read chakras, even if you don’t see or sense energy, so that you can identify imbalances in others that throw you off your center. This self-guided course is over 15 hours of video instruction that includes case-studies and detailed instruction not offered in your mentoring lessons. ($349 value)

  • BONUS - Body Wisdom Online Program  (optional)
    You will learn the various emotional and spiritual issues that manifest in specific body parts and ailments so that you can identify how your life challenges are impacting your body. This self-guided course is over 10 hours of video instruction that includes detailed instruction not offered in your mentoring lessons. ($349 value)

Book a discovery call today

to see if sacred mentorship is right for you. 

to reaching new levels of self- awareness.

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Brain Training
The MOZI Method

You’ll learn a simple & practical methodology 

that integrates into your everyday life 

sheds light on the repetitive behaviors that keep you in a stuck place so that you can finally evolve from karmic patterns and reach new levels.

I'm a bit of a neuroscience geek. I invented this methodology based on over a decade of self-study.

Mind-Body Awareness
Body Wisdom

We’ll work with the structure of your body to create a simple and sustainable body movement routine or yoga practice to listen to the wisdom of your body, even if you have never tried or practiced yoga before.

I've taught yoga and body mechanics for 20 years, reaching over 200,000 students.

Chakra Balancing
The Goldilocks Principle

We’ll progress one-chakra-at-a-time to find your just right alignment and balance,

creating an intentional container for you to recognize and listen to your intuition

so that you can have focus and clarity about your soul’s path and life’s decisions.

I've been reading chakras since I was ten years old. I promise, this is a perspective you've never encountered from any chakra teacher before.

Natural Element

I'll guide you through simple elemental rituals  that connect you to nature and the seasons so that you can stay open to the beautiful natural forces of the universe, and receive their greater divine intelligence.

I studied with a West-African shaman for six years, and went through and intensive eldership initiation process.


"TeriLeigh has an ability to see in the dark like an owl. She just sees everything differently, and can change your perspective almost instantly. And that changes EVERYTHING! I really really really really believe in the work she does and that it does good for everyone who works with her." ~Julie

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Here’s what Sacred Mentorship Clients

have to say about their experiences

"I want to give everyone I know the gift of mentorship  with Teri Leigh. I’m going through some major life changes in the form of medical issues and was really struggling to wrap my brain around everything in a productive forward thinking way. The transformative re-frame TeriLeigh showed me has been monumental. It’s only been a couple days but the relief I feel after receiving her help sorting out all my feelings and experiences has been life changing." ~Pam

"I have been doing great since our last session. I have been traveling since mid September, and am currently at my daughter’s house. I credit you to me being able to be more of an advisor to her on this trip, rather than her mom! I greatly appreciate you. I will probably reach out to you at the beginning of the year to decompress from all my activity over the last several months." ~Monica

"This is beyond therapy, beyond counseling. This is spiritual, giving me insight about myself. I need that, someone to listen to me and reflect myself back to me." ~Marie

When I was seeing a therapist, I always left in a ball of tears. TeriLeigh isn't a therapist, and I walk away feeling clarity and  knowing what I need to do next." ~Heather

"I have found ways to ground and maintain joy during difficult times. My husband and I now have a practice of hugging for a complete 10 seconds (or more). We listen to uplifting positive music, and we are not living in fear but in joy despite all the stuff going on in our world." ~Lindee

"What you notice about TeriLeigh right off the bat is that she is very comfortable in her own skin, so she makes you comfortable in your skin. She brought the comfortable skin to my house. Both my daughter and I have relished the readings and sessions and time spent with TeriLeigh. She is very nonjudgmental and right to the point at the same time. Her advice has been practical, magical, and spot on. I trust what she is telling me to be kind and thoughtful and I know that she cares deeply. She can teach you to listen and trust yourself and weed out the crap that doesn’t matter." ~Joan

"Healing is a journey, and nature helps. TeriLeigh helped coach me through some of my divorce and taught me that water always soothes those aches and invigorates me.  I am happier, healthier, stronger, more empowered - and still growing and healing- learning that healing isn’t linear." ~Amanda

"The MOZI Method Exercise TeriLeigh taught me magically balanced me enough so thagt I could handle my stress without my stress managing me. These practices are life-changing and more powerful than I could ever have imagined." ~Angela

"TeriLeigh helped me to get out of a toxic work environment.  I am on a physical and spiritual overhaul with my finances. I have a better ability to keep my cool and teach my children. I have removed toxic relationships from my life and am working on repairing important ones. I am still off my medication, and I am now head first into starting my business. Don’t get me wrong, it's not magic and I still have to use the skills I learned EVERYDAY. But I have the power back, and looking forward to having Teri help me with my business endeavors. Thank you Teri for always being there, and helping myself and others take back what is theirs." ~Aleshia

"TeriLeigh helped me navigate a traumatic experience .
My life has been made whole again." ~Shannon


"Mindfulness practice has helped me

make several other positive life changes without trying." ~Rose

"I am learning to make myself a priority." ~Heather

This Program is

PERFECT for YOU if. . .

  • You’re an energy sensitive, light-worker, empath, nurturer, care-taker, or loving soul who wants to be of service, help people, and contribute to the higher good.

  • You feel stuck in unhealthy habits of over-thinking, over-doing, and over-giving that's trapped you in a lifestyle of putting everyone else's needs before your own...but you're ready to really take care of yourself.

  • You have a collection of spiritual development and self-help books that inspire and motivate you, but haven't really helped you reach lasting change, AND, you're ready to do the deep work of a disciplined practice to achieve real results.

  • You've attended weekend workshops or intensive trainings that leave you feeling amazing and deeply inspired, but the effects gradually wear off over time, and you're looking for a sustainable and lasting solution.

  • You've tried, and enjoyed, many different holistic modalities (yoga, meditation, reiki, intuitive readings, acupuncture, etc.) and they all feel good for a short time, but don't really produce the lasting effects you crave.

  • You are spiritually minded and chakra curious, and you're ready to open to the magical and mystical wisdom inside yourself so that you can better help and serve the world around you. 

  • … AND you would appreciate a grounded, practical, realistic, balanced, no-BS, common-sense step-by-step approach that is a yin/yang balance of spirit and science.

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"TeriLeigh taught me how to pay attention to what my body is telling me. My body won't lie, but my mind will. Through the focused breathing, I can manage my breath and manage my pulse and listen to my body talk to me." ~Diane

This Program is

NOT for you if. . .

  • You are looking outside yourself for a way to "fix what's wrong" with a magic cure, quick fix, or miracle medicine.
    (The solution is within you, and I'll help you find it.)


  • You aren’t willing to step outside your comfort zone and try some innovative and unconventional techniques in order to evolve and grow.
    (Yes, it can be scary, but it can also be fun, and easy.)


  • You aren't coachable because you are too strong and independent to allow someone to really help & support you.
    (I promise, I've got you. I will show up, hold you, and be fully honest with you.)

  • You are full of excuses about time and money and energy, or you want to wait (and wait, and wait) for things to maybe-eventually change on their own.
    (Transformation requires commitment and daily effort - it's easier than you think.)


  • You'd rather surrender to self-doubt, than answer to that calling inside you You  to serve a deeper purpose. 
    (This program will teach you how to put self-doubt in time-out)


  • If you get weirded out by spirituality, meditation, moon cycles, talk about energy and vibration, or anything else “woo woo”. 
    (I have an obsession with explaining spiritual things in common sense scientific terms)

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What all my clients

have in common. . .

  • They’ve all experienced a major life shift in more than one area of life.

  • They fall in love with themselves, and as a result put themselves first, and therefore have more energy to give to those they love.

  • They express themselves more authentically, honestly, and vibrantly.

  • They all report significant and positive "side effects" they didn't expect.

  • They all feel more energy, motivation, and productivity, and ability to follow-through with projects and tasks.

  • They have healthier, deeper and more intimate relationships.

  • They uphold healthy boundaries with difficult people in their lives.


And the list goes on… and the INTERNAL SHIFT is what matters most,

because when we cannot control our outside world, we KNOW in ourselves that we can manage and handle ANYTHING

with confidence, ease, and grace.

I invite you to find out for yourself

what a difference Sacred Mentorship

can have on  YOUR life?

Are you ready to UP-LEVEL your life?