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Manifestation Managed

A little story about how Manifestation Works...


I've alwaaaaays wanted a baby grand piano...ever since before I even knew how to play.

This is a lifelong dream come true!

When I was 3, my friends Sara & Judy Fischer had a white baby grand piano in their living room, and I remember playing on it really believing I was a concert pianist.

(the initial seed of manifestation was planted way back then...some 47 years ago!)

At the time, my family had a rugged old upright. My older brother took lessons, but I wasn't old enough yet. I wanted to be BIGGER back then.

I got my turn on a newer upright that sat in the corner of our living room right next to the stairs up to the bedrooms. More than once, after practicing, I'd catch my dad sitting at the top of the stairs, wiping his eyes. We'd both be too embarrassed to speak...but the moment was nothing short of precious. (the manifestation seed was watered in those moments)

Then I grew up,

and eventually quit playing,

and forgot about my dream to one day own a baby grand.

(the manifestation seed went dormant).

Then, in 2016 I discovered that my favorite pianist George Winston was playing at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. I got tickets that year. And the next. And the next one after that. And every year since (except for covid).

(the manifestation seed was watered once again and started to germinate)

Then, Hobbit and I bought a house.

And we hung his guitars on the wall in the living room.

And in one tiny fleck of a moment,

barely a thought within a thought,

I imagined a baby grand piano underneath the guitars.

(and that seed started pushing its way vigorously to the surface)

As I spent the summer scrolling FB Marketplace for furniture to fill our new 101-year old home, pianos started appearing in the feed. I clicked on them. more pianos appeared, and I clicked on them. thank you algorithms.

On New Year’s Day, I found it.

That little manifestation seed burst through the surface.

Within two hours of seeing the listing (which had gone up the night before and had over 90 views in less than 8 hours) Hobbit and I were standing at the piano listening to the seller pluck out George Winston’s Thanksgiving from memory.

Manifestation Managed.

What do you think I should name this beauty whose waited almost my whole life to meet me?



Manifestation happens when you are in alignment with your dreams and desires and the energy flows of the universe…and it is one of the many magical topics covered in my Chakra Immersion Program that starts January 19th. If you want to learn how to align your chakras and manage you’re your manifestation, sign up now.


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