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Kara - Empath Boundaries - Case Study

Kara came to me as an EMPATH who is extremely sensitive to both the moods and emotions of others as well as to any form of pharmaceutical or over the counter medication. In the aftermath of losing her mother at a young age (13 years old) and experiencing several other losses, her GRIEF was mis-labeled as depression and anxiety, and she was put on a number of medications. Every medicine she has ever taken caused more severe side effects than the original symptoms they were intended to treat. The drugs in her system forced her to learn how to establish healthy BOUNDARIES and to tap into her own internal healing capacity.

In once a month sessions with me, Kara learned:

  • how to use her breath to tap into her intuition and sense of what is right for her despite the moods and emotions and opinions of others.

  • how to stand firm and use her body posture to quiet anxiety so that she can listen to her own Truth.

  • how to use water and a simple "shake it off" technique to cleanse herself of the unpleasant and uncomfortable moods and emotions of others that she picks up naturally as an empath.

  • how to tap into her own inner strength and feel confident in decisions which are best for her.

  • how to draw appropriate boundaries with people and situations that used to throw her off balance.

Kara has made tremendous progress, gotten off all medications and found health and wellness without any drugs. She no longer identifies with or feels emotions related to depression, and she knows how to handle her moods when the grief waves happen. She is now coaching with me to build her own Reiki and healing practice that includes a very fun approach to healing with hip-hop music.

In Her Own Words . . . Everything I have experienced always had a deeper meaning to me. I now have the knowledge and awareness backing my intuition. Working with TeriLeigh has really helped me to confirm much of my own intuition to be my personal TRUTH! She has encouraged me to be who I am and express myself freely and creatively!


Are you an empath who needs to learn boundaries and healthy simple ways to wash off the energies of others? Do you have difficulty determining what are your own thoughts and feelings versus those you pick up from others? Do you want to learn how to find your own voice inside your head and quiet the other monkey chatter? Have you struggled with side effects of medications and would like to learn how to get off the drugs permanently? Schedule an initial consult with TeriLeigh to determine how you can better work with your empath gifts.


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