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A desire to live a more balanced life - Case Study

Alyssa came to the Sacred Mentorship with a curiosity of the chakra system, but a deeper desire to live a more balanced life. A bread-winning professional mom of two young boys, she felt like she had tendencies towards anxiety, depression, and addictive behaviors that were a direct result of being empathic and overly sensitive. She’d already done a good amount of personal work to address these issues, but she wanted to enhance her spirituality to get to another level.

On her first call with me she mentioned a number of challenges in her life surrounding stress management, parenting, household chores, and her internal feelings and emotions.

Alyssa’s results were profound.

In tracking her progress on three categories: spirituality, inner peace & calm, and self-awareness…she reported a 65% increase in her quality of life by session 4…and maintained that level of improvement for the rest of the program.

In her own words…

  • I just have so many more moments of presence. It is profound. I was just on auto-pilot all the time. now I am just enjoying the simple things in life. that has been the biggest gift for me. playing with my boys used to be boring or I should be doing other things...and now I can sit and think "I don't need to be doing other things." I recently spent a whole Saturday, just enjoyed my boys, full day of being present and connecting energetically to nature. I haven't had a day like that in a really long time. really nice.

  • The beauty of just taking my time. when I had to go to grocery store I would have anxiety cuz I wanted to be efficient and quick. That was a false belief. I can just go to the grocery store and shop. It doesn’t have to be stressful with urgency. I discovered this was from my childhood conditioning about things needing to be done in a timely manner. I let that go now. I changed that pattern.

  • I'm generally a very disorganized person. I always thought clutter didn't affect me or I didn't care. But that has changed. I didn’t plan this. I just went through all the boys' clothes. organized a lot. I don't ever get those urges to do anything. But in this case I felt "it would be nicer if this wasn't here." That’s something I've never experienced.

  • I've been so much better at pausing through the day and feelings with a sense of calm. I am better at realizing how I am reacting to things and what it is doing in my body. I am stopping and pausing and seeing what is happening and detangling why it is happening. I am able to deep breathe through certain stressors. I am a lot more intentional. I am more mindful.

  • I was able to give up nicotine cold turkey!

  • This is an eye-opener. I don't need things to give me external happiness. what I want is a good book and to be with my family at night. that makes me happy.


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