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Over-Giving & Over-Loving Empath: Case Study

Gary was a very typical case of an over-giving, over-sharing, and over-loving Empath.

Having been diagnosed by a therapist as a rare soul at the top 5% of emotional intelligence, Gary was also deeply spiritually curious and aware. He had a difficult time turning off the constant “input” of energies, messages, and emotions he encountered as an Empath on a daily basis. It was so overwhelming it was interfering with his career success, and he found himself extremely dissatisfied in his work life. He had endured a number of deeply emotional and failed relationships…most recently feeling the loss of what he thought was a “twin flame” connection.

  • “I don’t want to just give, give, give, and over-share, and over-gush from my heart anymore.”

  • “I don’t want to scare people away from me by being the top romantic with too much love to offer.”

  • “Instead, I want to be balanced, to provide and protect who can share and nurture.”

Chakra Reading

Gary exhibited an excessive Heart Chakra that was playing off of an excessive Crown Chakra.

Specifically, he had done an extensive amount of spiritual growth work to understand his empath nature, and was extremely adept at speaking the spiritual speak in terms of his heartful relationships. He understood the concepts of “twin flames” and balance of the “divine masculine and feminine” energies.

However, the more he dove into the spiritual arts, the more he activated his empathic abilities, the more he was overwhelmed by his empath feels. He didn’t know what to do with it all. As a result, he fell into more of his default habits of over-giving and over-gushing and over-thinking in relationships.

He came to me extremely overwhelmed with empath feels, consumed by emotions in relationships, and over-thinking it all.

In short, his over-giving heart chakra and his over-thinking crown chakra were making everything in his life over-whelming.

Chakra Alignment Mentorship

The first step was to calm and soothe Gary’s extreme over-whelm that resulted from the over-input from his Empath nature. The Focused Breathing technique helped him to manage anxiety, calm the over-whelm, and give him space to process his emotions rather than getting stuck in the over-thinking/over-feeling crown chakra/heart chakra loop.

Next, we got to work on the greatest antidote to Gary’s over-syndromes. GROUNDING. The MOZI Method MULA exercise was the single most effective exercise in Gary’s entire program. He reported a 30% improvement in all his issues by the beginning of the third session after practicing MULA and GROUNDING as a daily habit. Grounding helped curb his over-thinking, process the over-feeling, and calm all the anxieties that came with his over-whelm.

Gary was able to channel the excessive energy in his upper chakras down to his lower chakras. This helped him to EMBODY his experiences and know what to DO with them rather than them getting stuck in the ethereal and metaphysical.

By the time we got to the upper chakra work, Gary had learned a ton about himself, his reactions, his responses, his behaviors, and his habits…where they came from and how he could change them. He was now processing his empath feels, establishing healthy boundaries, and exploring a deeper expression of the balance of masculine and feminine energies in relationship.

By the end of the program, Gary’s life was completely changed.

  • He got a new job with a new company which would be a better work/life balance.

  • He learned to ground himself and root himself to curb his anxiety and eventually stopped depending on spiritual tools (bracelets, sage, tarot, etc.).

  • He started leading a spiritual men’s group as a healthy outlet for his crown chakra and hearth chakra energy.

  • He opened his heart to an entirely different definition of unconditional love and was no longer triggered and overcome when relationships shifted gears or dissolved.


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