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From Knee Pain to Body Awareness - Case Study

A client started the Chakra Sacred Mentorship talking about how she is adjusting to the effects of her aging body. She had been dealing with knee pain that she felt was a result of her pelvis being kiddywompus, and it was infringing on her ability to fully enjoy her retired life.

Rather than doing what many retired folks do and spend a great deal of time "doctoring" she decided to do the deep work of becoming more body/mind aware, while at the same time exploring her spirituality and mindset through the Chakra Sacred Mentorship.

In our first session, she and I set three simple intentions to use as affirmations through the program.

"The affirmations feel positive, uplifting and inspiring. They feel like a level up/beyond other possible affirmations I have looked at in the past. Also these are specific to me, and not ones likely to be used by anyone. Simple, yet profound. Possibilities. Also feel more energized."

By session #2, she reported significant changes in her lower body alignment and improvement in her knee pain. Not only that, she is able to recognize how her body is a reflection of the mental/emotional challenges she has faced her entire life.


It's your turn.

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