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Work Hard...or PLAY BIG...what would you choose?

In reviewing my photo stream for 2022, I found these two images with virtually the exact same smile on my lips, but very different wrinkles between my eyes. (cover my eyes in both pics. you'll see what I mean)

The first is a face of someone "working hard" and the second is the face of something "playing big."

And that kinda defines my 2022.

I worked hard.

and I played big.

Here's my year in review

❤️ I did 83 FREE Chakra Readings...which translates to meeting heart-to-heart and soul-to-soul with 83 amazing individuals who let me fully SEE them and HEAR them and SHOW them how their bright lights shine in this world.

🧡 I led 6 workshops (with 244 students enrolled)....which translates to me sharing my bright light and wisdom in new and creative ways.

💛 I facilitated 373 private 1-1 mentoring sessions...which means I shared stories, talked about the deeper lessons of life, and did some really profound brain training, inner child, and ancestor healing with a multitude of curious and open-hearted sensitive souls.

💚 I enrolled 23 brave sensitive souls into my Chakra Alignment Sacred Mentorship (11 graduates, 12 current)...which means I am honored to bear witness to major life healing and transformation on every level of being.

💙 I launched my first large-scale 9-Month Chakra Immersion Program (starting January 2023) to support a cohort of individuals through an body-mind-spirit process based on making small changes through tiny habits for lasting results.

💜 I reached and surpassed a number of life goals and intentions and came to a place where I celebrate gratitude all day long.


As I step into 2023, I've decided that the "hard work" half of this equation needs to be retired.

In 2023, I don't need to "work hard" like my ancestors did. Collectively, we've done enough "hard work" to fill more lifetimes than we have lived. I'm grateful for all the lessons and experiences I had through my hard working days.

Now it's time to PLAY BIG...

all. the. time.


p.s. If you want to PLAY BIG, but you don't want to have to "try hard" to get to that play-lifestyle, check out my 9-Month Chakra Immersion. You will get tiny little exercises that you can do anywhere that change your brain and nervous system to adjust to what you really want. Starts January 19, 2023.


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