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The Darkest Days of the Year - A ⏰ SNOOZE😴 SNUGGLE 🥰 Practice


Have you been having a really really hard time getting out of bed in the morning lately?

Energetically, S.A.D. is an intense slow-down of your body's energetics. The less sunlight you get, the more your energy and nervous system "chills" and moves a little more sludge-like.

This is normal.

However, if your energy is imbalanced by other stressors, S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) happens, which can feel like you are in a pretty deep depressive state.

For most of my life I have managed some level of S.A.D. Some years worse than others. But this year, I have no symptoms of S.A.D. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

So I asked myself, what's different this year? Over the years I've tried various things to support my experience of S.A.D. From sun-lamps to gratitude journals to diet changes. And yes, these things have helped, but nothing really eliminated my experience of S.A.D. entirely like I'm feeling this year.

What have I changed in my habits and practices over last year, and prior years?

The answer is a surprisingly simple, and enjoyable little practice I have with my Hobbit.

It's our snooze-snuggle-time.

Every morning, when the alarm goes off, I hit snooze. Then I move Tosha (the corgi 🐾) who sleeps between us and snuggle into Hobbit as close as I can get. Sometimes we do a triple spoon, Hobbit-me-Tosha. Most of the year, the nine minutes of snooze is just enough wake-up, and we are both ready to get up about our day by the time the alarm rings again.

But lately, we've been hitting snooze 2, 3, 4, or even 5x for more snuggle time. The darker it gets, the more snooze-snuggles we seem to want/crave/need. Getting out of bed 🛏️ is REALLY hard to do these days.

This is actually quite normal AND HEALTHY for this time of year.

These next 4-5 days are the darkest days of winter (in the northern hemisphere), and are the best time to snuggle in, get quiet, and turn inwards to the still small voice inside yourself.

My favorite astrologer Divine Harmony says "The night before the Winter Solstice is the night the Great Mother went into labor to birth/rebirth the Sun- which is why we call it Mother Night. . . the deepest peace and silence of the end of a previous Solar Cycle that the new one is born. . . From December 21st through December 24th the Sun stands still. . .This portal of December 21st through December 24th is a time to stand still ourselves. It is a time to pause, retreat, reflect and take time to go within. It is a time to be silent and to be still like the Great Mother and her son the Sun."

Even if you don't have a snuggle partner, you can use snooze-snuggle time to snuggle in with yourself. (heck, in some ways this is even more powerful because your self-listening isn't distracted by the voices of other beings in your bed).

Curl into fetal position, go into your deep-breathing, and use the snooze-snuggle as a 9-minute meditation time. You might be surprised, this space between sleep and awake is the best time/space to turn within yourself, especially during these dark Mother Night days when your energy body is slower during these more silent nights. It's easier to hear that still small voice inside yourself.

Stay Mindful,


P.S. Is it time for an energy check-in? The Winter Solstice and Mother Night time is a perfect time to do a session with me in preparation for the next year. Let me help you listen to your still small voice (sometimes it takes an outside ear to translate) so you can determine what it is you are getting ready to "birth" in 2024 and to fine tune your affirmations and intentions for next year.


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