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Do you Over-Do the Spirit Tools?

One of the biggest mistakes I see Empaths make is getting over-dependent on their Spirit Tools.

You have a huge treasure trove of goodies...

🔮 crystals

📿 meditation beads

🍾 essential oils

🍃 sage

🏆 sound healing bowls

☕️ teas

☘️ herbs

🪵 palo santo

🎴 oracle cards

✨ astrology charts

and sometimes you can't even make a simple decision without consulting the "all the things"...and the answers you get leave you even more confused.

I once watched a friend muscle test her way through a dozen questions and work herself into a frenzy of indecision before running to her oracle cards and not liking the answer. all over whether or not to buy a certain couch!

what does all this mean?

you are looking outside yourself for answers. the cards, the pendulum, the oils, the crystals...they are all TOOLS to help you look INSIDE yourself. But if you continue to ask and ask and ask you aren't really getting to an answer.

and another thing, these tools are all THINGS...that you don't always have access to.

When you are dealing with a certain relationship situation that requires boundaries, what are you gonna do...magically freeze the situation so you can dig out the right crystals, apply the right oil, and smudge your energetic shield? There simply isn't the time.

You need tricks and skills IN-THE-MOMENT. These tools are great for getting you to listen to your still small voice in deep meditation at your spirit altar. But you need something to work in every day life. the here and now.

You need to develop the MASTER EMPATH SKILLZ that work instantly, automatically, so that you can know instantly, yes or no, I should or shouldn't.

The couch will thank you.

If you are interested in developing these SKILLZ, book a chakra reading with me to start the process. It's free.

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