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Empath MASTER Boundaries

Hobbit has worked hard to develop his Empath JEDI Boundaries.

He had to.

In a prior life, a time before Hobbit-life with me (his Owleigh) the boundaries in his worlds were blurred…

In those work and personal worlds, he faced forces that sought to destabilize, manipulate, and distort what he saw as right and true and good.

He dealt with energies that sought to diminish him, discredit his efforts, and interfere with healthy relationships.

While Hobbit might tell you that his favorite third eye sunglasses help to see beyond the limits of the ordinary world…

…the Empath JEDI Boundaries Hobbit has learned are much more practical.

He learned how to

💨 Use breath to calm over-thinking

🚫 Speak the sacred word NO as a force field

💦 Work with the element of water to wash unhelpful energies and cleanse the effects of harsh words and actions

🔥 Access his internal fire to know his worth - even when faced with extra strong and controlling personalities

BTW - Hobbit wants you to comment on what YOU see in these third eye glasses...


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