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Wash It Down the Drain!

I've been washing my hands a lot. So much so that they are dry and cracking and peeling, and not just because of COVID. I seem to have developed a condition that I have never experienced before, but one that many people seem to live with, and rather enjoy, much of the time.

I've been reading the news.

It started when COVID hit. Somehow my Apple News app stopped featuring the funky off the wall articles about animals and science that I'd set as my preferences, and I got caught up in corona virus stats. Then it was BLM protests. And then election news. And now (I can't believe I'm even typing this word) insurrection. I've face-palmed myself for opening the app almost three times a day for most of this year.

And yet, I do what I always tell my clients to do. After I am exposed to something icky, ugly, toxic, muddy, dirty, or otherwise unpleasant, I go to the bathroom and wash it off. Seems this last week, I've been using more soap and water than I have the rest of the year. If it means anything at all, I've also sprayed down my already clean kitchen counters more than usual as well.

I read an article on CNN this morning about the process of changing over the White House and all the cleaning and moving that has to happen during the Inauguration Ceremony. The ticket-price on this transfer is more than I can comprehend, but I was happy to hear that the companies hired are employing developmentally disabled adults to serve a very important purpose.

I have always been a proponent of the good energetic cleaning of old energy before moving in the new energy. Seems the White House employs this concept as they replace carpet, steam drapes and curtains, and replace furniture.

I'm not a political person, and I'm not saying here to support or refute either party or administration. What I am saying is that all-in-all the news is ugly these days, uglier than normal, more toxic that usual. Perhaps we all do need a good clean-out.


every single time you read something or see something or talk about something particularly ugly happening in the world today, go to the sink and wash it off. As you sing Happy Birthday twice to make sure you washed thoroughly, perhaps change your lyrics to Happy Clean Day, and watch the sludge and ick go down the drain. Also, Remember to Breathe!

and that's my public service announcement for today. I love you all.


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