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July 2023 New MoonLetter - Power Play

The New Moon occurs today, Monday, July 17 @ 1:32 CDT.

My Astrologer friend, Divine Harmony says this new moon is about Relationship with Power.

"Do we give our power away and play the victim? Do we lord our power over others and play the tyrant? Right relationship with power can only come when we face how we use, abuse and/or avoid taking responsibility for power in our lives."

um, yeah. I'm feeling this one.

This month I'm in negotiations with a company that took my money and didn't provide the promised results (they promised that my business would grow, or I could get my money back), so I asked for my money back. They said no, and are blaming me for not doing my part.

Do I choose to be the victim, and cower to what feels like the narcissistic abuser? Or do I choose to be the tyrant and fight to be RIGHT?

I'm choosing a third option. To stay calm and stand my ground.

Here's how that played out.

I recently had a meeting with a higher up in said company. He started the zoom with automatic recording. I stated that I was not comfortable with the meeting being recorded.

He explained that recording meetings is standard procedure, especially in the case of a grievance. He picked up his cell phone and texted someone while telling me he had to check with his team. Then he yelled at his dogs. Then he rambled some more about the company's SOP.

I stated again that I am not comfortable with recording, and backed up my claim by indicating that a member of his team had once sent me a link to a recording of another one of their clients, and that I was concerned about privacy.

He said that never should have happened to me and must've been a simple human error. I smiled and agreed that it never should have happened, and repeated that I am not comfortable with this call being recorded.

He rambled some more. I listened, without speaking.

He eventually offered to reschedule the meeting so he could bring on a second participant.

I stated that I would bring my own second participant as well. (he kept the recording on for this entire exchange)

The call ended with him stating he would get back to me with a reschedule time. How did I maintain my power and composure without being a victim or a tyrant in this scenario?

  • Before the meeting, I stood in a MOZI Method Power Pose activating my Core & Heart Chakra, breathing Focused Breath for a full minute. (the Core Chakra for Confidence, and the Heart Chakra for Openness)

  • During the meeting, I held the MOZI Method UDDI posture (a belly muscle engagement) and ANA (heart opening posture) for the entire call.

  • Whenever I wasn't speaking, I breathed deep focused breath as I listened, and kept a calm demeanor and slight smile on my face.

  • When I spoke, I looked directly into the camera and spoke short concise sentences.

What insights I gleaned from this experience.

  • Even though he said that he intended to speak very little and listen more to me, I spoke very little, and he spoke a lot. (it was about a 90/10 split)

  • When I let silence speak (through my breath and posture and intention), he hurried to fill the air-space (and seemingly got a little flustered...which was not my intention).

  • I can stand up for myself without raising my voice, over-justifying my position, or fighting back.

Tell me your story of victim vs. tyrant in relationship with 💪Power, and I'll show you how to use MOZI Method for your situation.

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