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The Snow Globe Effect

Imagine you have this snow-globe that represents all your un-dealt-with issues, all the things you put to the side and ignore cuz you’re busy dealing with other stuff. Most of the time, you can just ignore the snow-globe, tucked away on a shelf where you know it's there but you can pretend it's not.

But every once in a while, you accidentally bump into the snow globe while dusting something else, or reaching for a different item on the same shelf. And the snow gets all snowy again, triggering the thoughts in your head to get all snow-glowy and brain-foggy too. You deal with the issues, for a time, just enough to reposition the snow-globe back on the shelf and try to ignore it once again.

But it’s still there.

And so are the un-dealt-with issues.

Just waiting to be disturbed again. (cuz you know it’s gonna happen) So you just tuck it back on its shelf hoping and praying that next time it gets bumped it doesn’t fly off the shelf, shatter, and scatter white-glitter-mess all over your world, for everyone to see.

Now, just for a moment, imagine someone in your life decided to take it off the shelf, shake it up, and watch the glittery-white diamond sparkling snow fly? What if they weren't quite as careful with it as you are?

Did you feel yourself wince a little bit? (I certainly did, right before my snow-globe got shattered.) "oh no, don't touch that..."

What if I told you that I have my own snow globe, very much like yours? That someone in my life did reach to take it off the shelf, and it fell to the ground, and shattered into a million little pieces. And at first, I thought my world was shattered too. And the task of cleaning up the mess was daunting, overwhelming, TERRIFYING!

But I did it.

I was lucky enough to have a beautiful angel in my life willing to get down into the pile of glittery-mess with me, and show me all the diamond-dazzling ways that my un-dealt-with issue actually served a grander purpose for my greater good. May angel/mentor said to me, "You don't really have a choice anymore. You might as well get into the mess and deal with it. Heck, maybe you'll become like the kid playing in the pile of horse manure screaming with glee that there had to be a pony somewhere nearby!"

So I dove into the glitter-bomb mess, and I found out that playing with glitter is actually quite fun. That every tiny little piece didn't have to be an annoyance, but rather was a tiny little diamond of and zillion experiences that make up who I am and how I behave in this world. In the process cleaning up the glitter-bomb-mess of my own un-dealt-with issues, I developed a deep spiritual practice of nurturing myself, something I do daily to remind myself of my sense of purpose, and my connection to Spirit!

I managed to re-assemble that snow globe, and fashion it into something I like even better than the original one I tried to ignore.

I now keep that snow-globe in a very special place inside my heart.

I shake it up often (every day), and on purpose, as part of my spiritual practice, so that I can remember all the sparkling shimmering beauty that I am.

P.S. If you have your own snow-globe of un-dealt-with issues that you keep trying to ignore, perhaps you could benefit from your own Sacred Mentor to show you the glories of snow-globe glitter.

YOU are the exact reason I started my 5-Month Sacred Mentorship Program. I want to help YOU create your own snow-globe tending (daily spiritual) practice to shine your life to a brighter level of awesome.

I'm taking applications NOW! So if you want to get REAL support in making lasting change in your life so that you can feel balance, peace, and confidence inside yourself, no matter what happens in the outside world...

Please do NOT apply for a call with me you aren’t ready to invest your time, energy, and money into yourself and your spiritual growth. Transformation requires commitment and daily effort, and I can make that effort easier. Also, Please do NOT apply for a call if you are looking outside yourself for a way to "fix what's wrong" with a magic cure, quick fix, or miracle medicine. The solutions are within you, and I'll help you find it.


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