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The Power of Word - What Happens When You Link Thought to Breath

I watched an excerpt of an interview Oprah did with J-Lo in which J-Lo was talking about how important it is to think positively. She listed a number of positive affirmations she uses for herself such as "I am good on my own" and "I love myself" and "I am enough."

J-Lo and Oprah, and everyone else touting the power of positive thinking are on the right track.

But they are missing one really key ingredient, BREATH.

They are right, that positive thinking will change EVERYTHING. But what they are missing is that "simply thinking positively" isn't all that simple. It's really actually very difficult, if all your are doing is THINKING. You see, the brain works on patterning, repetition and on responding to external stimuli. In case you haven't noticed...our world isn't exactly full of positive thinking images and thoughts. In order to get out of the brain ruts of the constant barrage of negativity, you have to counter all that negativity, constantly. That's hard to do when those negative ruts are DEEP.

But, there is one really practical and simple thing you can do to fill in those ruts. BREATHE.

Sure, keep saying your affirmations. Keep writing them down on post-it notes and pinning them everywhere for you to see. That helps. Just BREATHE every time you write, or think, or post-it.

But you can more than quadruple the power of those affirmations if you do one simple thing each time you think, read, see, or speak them. BREATHE.

Just ask George Floyd, or Breonna Taylor, or Daunte Wright, or . . .

The ability and power to breathe is our most powerful human capacity. Breath is contagious. Breath is cleansing. Breath is rejuvenating. Breath is healing. Breath is expansive. Breath is opening. Breath is LIFE.

When we attach mindful breath to our positive thoughts, that positive thought rides on the breath through our bodies and out our mouths and noses into the world around us, and quickly extends into the universe. The exponential factor of positive thought linked to mindful breath is astronomical.


Learn to BREATHE mindfully. Take the online Focused Breathing course. on sale through 4.25.21 for $10 (regularly priced $25). It will change your life.


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