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Sandra - Embracing Surrender - Case Study

Sandra came to me struggling with the grief of her younger brother’s unexpected death. Despite a full and adventurous life of work that had her traveling and hiking through the most beautiful regions of the world, a loving and tender marriage, and a strong and supportive community, Sandra found herself barely surviving, no longer thriving.

A deeply spiritual person, with a strong meditation practice, Sandra had lost her passion for life and all the joys she normally felt in life. She found that she was unable to process through the Grief. The sudden loss and deep pain revealed to her a number of other emotional walls and protections she held up in her world on a regular basis. Through her life, Sandra had endured many deep wounds, including childhood abuse. As a result, she muscled and efforted her way through challenges, a very masculine approach to life. Now, in her late forties, she was facing a mid-life crisis brought on by the loss of her brother as the deep grief revealed many of the prior wounds and hurts she had built walls around. She needed to embrace a feminine surrender approach in order to allow Grief to heal for her.

In her first session, I helped Sandra see that Grief in the loss of her brother was showing the path to embracing more feminine energy in her life. Over the course of once a month sessions and simple MOZI Method exercises she applied to her meditation practice, Sandra was able to process through the deeper griefs and pains of many experiences in her entire life, embrace and surrender to a feminine energy within herself, and find and embrace joy again.

In her own words…

I was hesitant because I thought TeriLeigh might not have anything to teach me that I haven’t already learned before, as I’ve done a lot of meditation and spiritual work. However, TL taught me a breathing process different than I’ve done before. Usually I try to get past a feeling with forceful deep breathing, but through TL I learned a whole different way to breathe. I learnt something new!...this time it feels different. I feel hopeful. TL taught me how to connect deep into my bones and my feelings.

I was worried that I couldn’t incorporate my brother into my life because I don't remember anything consciously...but TL taught me how to access his energy in my bones. It is amazing that he lives in my bones!

I don't have to force this or make this happen. I can let it be. The practices TL taught me showed me how to embrace surrender. This is the feminine. I am now taking in life and expressing out my essence.

When I find EASE, expression comes.

The less I TRY, the easier it is!

I am really feeling different, connected to the bedrock on which the fluctuations of life happen.


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