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Mindfulness in 10-Seconds 5x a Day

You know you need to be more mindful. And the experts say that you will get all kinds of benefits if you meditate for just 10-15 minutes a day. But seriously, who was the idiot who decided MINDFULNESS is the same thing as MEDITATION?! I'd like to drop him into the shoes of a single mom working full-time with three kids under 10 in virtual school and see what he says about mindfulness and meditation after half a day.

Mindfulness is not the same thing as Meditation

Because let's be honest, setting aside 10 minutes to sit in meditation just doesn't happen every day. Sure, it might feel good once in awhile, but for most of us, that 10 minutes is spent thinking about all the things on our to-do lists! In order to get the best benefits of meditation, you have to sit until those worry thoughts go away, or at best, soften a bit. That takes more than 10 minutes. Sure, Meditation is ONE WAY to become mindful. But there are many other ways, much easier ways, to get to living a mindful life. And, they don't require sitting and trying not to itch that spot on your ear.

As a yoga and meditation teacher, I heard way too many clients and students and friends tell me "I can't do that." Who was I to argue with them? Perhaps they were right. Heck, I have made my living for most of my professional career as a yogi and meditator...and I even fall off my practice from time to time. I needed a way to teach and provide the benefits of mindfulness without the commitment of yoga and meditation.

You can activate mindfulness in just 10-seconds.

If you do little mindfulness exercises 5x a day, you can get all the benefits of meditation (and even more)! I invented The MOZI Method because I was fed up with the yoga and meditation industry claiming that they had all the answers. Yes, yoga and meditation works, if you do it. But most people don't do it, enough. The MOZI Method is a way to get mindful in just seconds, sometimes as little as 10-seconds. What I learned when i started practicing and teaching The MOZI Method was that if you do little tiny mindful things several times a day, it works BETTER than yoga and meditation!

Tiny moments of Mindfulness make the biggest difference.

For example, if you stop yourself from multi-tasking several times a day, and be MINDFUL about everyday tasks, I promise you will feel more clear-headed, calmer, and relaxed. You will experience less anxiety, less worry, and less brain fog. And, if you choose to be mindful about how you use your body, you can even feel less aches and pains!

WHAT took just 10 seconds every hour to take one mindful deep breath...what do you think would happen to your life and world? I guarantee, things will change for the better, in ways you never could imagine. Try it, set an alarm on your phone or watch to stop you and tell you to stop everything and just take ONE DEEP BREATH. Do this for one or two days, and then ask yourself how you are. Breathing changes everything!

In fact, breathing makes such a huge difference in mindfulness and everyday health and wellness that I want to challenge you. Pick ONE of these every day activities, and do it without doing anything else at the same time except breathing deeply and affirming to yourself "I AM MINDFUL".

Ten Ways to Be EveryDay Mindful

  • brush & floss

  • wash your hands

  • hug someone you love

  • wash your dishes

  • stop at a stop-sign (full-stop and one deep breath)

  • wait at a stop-light

  • drink a glass of water (one breath between gulps)

  • pump gas in your car

  • turn on/off your computer

  • check your phone (one deep breath)


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