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Lessons from COVID-19 #3 - Energy is Contagious

I have a theory that energetically, we have all contracted the virus, and it is working within us to dramatically change our energetic make-up. While we may not have contracted it physically or test positive, it has infected all of us, and affected every human on this planet on the energetic level. This virus is meant to pull the energetic toxins out of us. Anything that no longer serves us is on its way out, just like the bags of old clothes out of the closets we've cleaned in quarantine.

Many, or most, if not all of us are dealing with some of the biggest demons and mental monsters of our entire lives. When we sit still (like in meditation) we have to look at what is, rather than what was or what could be. We have to sit with it, let it be, and learn ways to respect it. Right now, we all have hints of our unhealthy behaviors showing up as a result of COVID-19. Whether that means that you are finding all the hoarding things you've hidden away in your closets and drawers as you take spring cleaning more seriously than ever, or that you are finally taking a daily walk or doing some sort of daily exercise, or that you are finally sitting down to do those things you always say "someday" too and now that you sit with them, you realize why you always put them off to "another time." Perhaps these behaviors, these monsters of ours, are showing up now in this time of quiet begging us to listen to them, to learn from them what messages they have to tell us about living our best selves. Perhaps they are waiting for us to respect them rather than banish them and hide them away.

Mother Earth is working to cleanse herself and show her best self, and she's doing a damn good job. Reports are that the Venice Italy canals are now running clean, the ozone layer is repairing itself, the smog over Los Angeles is clearing, and the people in Arizona can see the mountains as they never have before. People are not only noticing the beauties of nature more, the beauties of nature are cleaner, purer, and just plain MORE since we started slowing down and staying still. Mother Earth is a bit ahead of us, and a beautiful sign of what is to come for us, if we so choose. She's been going through her own ugly hell for quite some time...hurricanes, tsunamis, forest fires, etc. She has been dealing with her own COVID-19, and finally, she is beginning to show some true colors we haven't seen in quite some time.

Perhaps the same is in store for us. Perhaps we will emerge cleaner, purer, more genuine and authentic to our true selves.

I know, for myself, these weeks of sheltering-in-place have given me the opportunity to pay attention to and really think about how I want to spend my time. I've been writing more, a lot more, and loving it more than ever. I've been paying attention to the close deep relationships, those people who reflect to me the qualities I want to share to the world. And, I've been liking myself more. It's only been a couple weeks. I'm eager to see what happens after a couple months...

I hope and believe that when we do emerge from these stay-at-home orders, we will follow in our Great Mother's footsteps, and live in a more beautiful world.


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