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Lessons from COVID-19 #2 - Empath Feels are Real

I think I felt COVID-19 coming on long before it became a pandemic. I've been having empath symptoms and energetic feels for months (if not years). COVID-19 has a special sort of symptoms for empaths and HSPs. These symptoms are not deadly, but they are far more contagious than the physical illness.

As an empath, and a yogi, I am extremely in touch with my body, my moods, and feeling feels. My way of understanding them is a lifelong learning process of yoga, journaling, breathing practice, and detailing symptoms and feels (and sleep patterns and sensitivities) in a calendar.

This is what I've come to realize. The following symptoms are empath/energy feels of COVID-19.

  • Unexplainable Sleeplessness.

  • Irrational anger/rage.

  • Restlessness, an awkward discomfort with any task.

  • Discomfort in my body, not liking my "space-suit)

  • None of my clothes feel like they fit right. A tag, a tug, or a looseness all feel unbearable.

  • Inability to get comfortable in a seat or in bed, no matter how I adjust my position.

  • Extreme lack of motivation coupled with an intense desire to do something that really matters.

  • Difficulty starting any task, but coupled with an extreme discomfort with idleness.

  • Underlying sense of excitement, eagerness, anxiousness.

  • An overwhelming yet very ODD sense of peace and calm that do NOT match the circumstances around me, which makes the calm unsettling.

  • Extremely dry eyes that cannot be quenched with eye drops or saline or hydration.

  • Fatigue & tiredness - coupled with restlessness

  • An opposition of being excited, eager, anxious, and can’t wait, coupled with a need to be patient, steady, and wait it out.

I'm also have empathic symptoms that match a corona virus diagnosis, but they symptoms are extremely mild.

  • dry cough, only when I talk

  • a feeling of feverishness (only in my head and neck), but my temp is actually lower than 98.6

  • dull headache

  • queasy stomach (only in the morning)

  • head & chest pressure

  • tightness of chest and raspy breathing

This is what it’s like to be in the in between. This odd world of feeling stress and being calm at the same time. Being safe at home, but scared of what’s going on. It’s the balance of dichotomies. It’s the yin and yang coming together, the opposites merging into oneness. The dark and light sharing the same space. This is it, and it will pass, and nothing will ever be the same again. And that’s okay. It’s better than okay.


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