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Full Snow MoonLetter - it's okay to NOT DO

Dear Sensitive Souls,

Did you sleep last night? I sure didn't.

Yesterday was the Full Snow Moon, and I've had it on my to-do list to write this email for a week. But every time I sat down to write, the words just wouldn't flow.

So I did something I usually don't do... I gave myself permission to NOT DO.

This full moon was in the sign of LEO (a sign of ACTION) and all the planets recently stationed DIRECT. The astrology right now is all about DOING and ACTION.

As I mindfully and consciously and intentionally let myself NOT-DO some things on my to-do list this last week...purposely waiting for these tasks to let me know when they want to be done, I let myself do (and NOT-DO) other things.

Like spend time with my new piano, Sam. And book more than one bodywork session this week. And stay in my pajamas all day yesterday.

so...when I didn't sleep well last night because my brain was spinning too much with thoughts and ideas...I found myself writing all kinds of notes in my journal at 2:34am (note the angel number)...and getting up this morning will all the motivation and inspiration to do the things that didn't want to be done last week. including this (not-exactly-tardy) full-moon-letter.

My astrologer friend Divine Harmony wrote in her blog about this full moon...

"as of 1/22 when uranus stationed direct we have ALL PLANETS DIRECT for just under 3 months. all systems are a go! the train is picking up speed! the thing is we want to be really intentional and conscious about where our train is going- as once its picked up enough speed it will be very hard to put the brakes on or change direction. so we must choose wisely (personally and collectively)" (Divine Harmony - Astrologer)

She says it perfectly. This snow moon is saying "something's gotta give!" and nudging you (not so softly) to CHOOSE F*ING WISELY.

I'm finding myself being much more "Judo-dicious" (a Hobbit term) in how I choose to spend my time.

And churning my wheels to finish a to-do task "on-time" is not one of them anymore. I'm choosing how to spend my time more wisely...and let things slide if they aren't ready to be done.

Things will find their own right and perfect time to be completed. Wow, is that ever liberating!

Love you all,



p.s. This lesson of choosing wisely is just another example of that oh-so-common BOUNDARIES lesson that Empaths face on the daily. I'm in the process of developing the curriculum for an EMPATH MASTER BOUNDARIES series.


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