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Full Buck MoonLetter 7.3.23

The Full BUCK Moon happened TODAY Monday, July 3, 2023 @ 7:39am EDT.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For every contraction, there is an expansion.

For every dark night, the sun eventually rises to a bright day.

Boy, did I feel this energy these last couple weeks.

I had a couple of really dark, heavy, dense, ugly days/weeks towards the middle/end of June.

And then it all started to open up the closer I got to this full moon.

Turns out this full moon is the first of four the moon is closer to the earth and appears 7% larger than usual to us earthlings. So those pulls on the tides of our emotions are a bit bigger and stronger this month too. No wonder I've been moody.

And, given that this is the Full BUCK Moon, signifying when the bucks antlers reach maturity, all my fears of failure/success that bounced around in my head make perfect sense this week. Whenever we get close to something BIG, it gets super scary because it also means letting go of something else.

According to my astrologer friend Alexander Kriech of Dog Star Oracle, this Full Buck Moon is also moving through Capricorn, governed by Saturn, which is all about foundation, stability, security, structure. And boy, did I need that double-dog-dose of ROOT CHAKRA this week after that turbulent upheaval of the last couple weeks of June.

And whenever we ROOT DOWN into stability and groundedness, there is bound to be a boomerang effect into the CROWN CHAKRA of insight and wisdom. This comes from the fact that Mercury (communication) just went through a major sun cleansing and is bringing CLARITY to everything.

So yeah, this full moon has been rising the energies for a few weeks, bigger (supermoon) and fuller (Buck Moon), all leading to the CLARITY of this week. With the moon being bigger and brighter and Mercury being "sun-cleansed"...we can sure see better through the dark now.

I hope you are feeling the extra root chakra grounding, and the crown chakra brightness like I am this week.

If not, maybe it's time to give me a call and get a mini-chakra read...


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