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Full Strawberry Moon 6.3.23

The Full FLOWER Moon happens Saturday, June 3, 2023 @ 11:42PM EDT.

Last month, the full Flower Moon brought the flowers...and here at The Mirth House (the name Hobbit and I gave to our now PURPLE home) the iris flowers came out in full force.

Every year I get excited about iris season, and right around the corner is berry-season!

While April showers bring May flowers...those May flowers are a promise that June will provide the fruits of our spring labors.

This full moon, according to my astrologer friend Divine Harmony is about opening your mind to a greater Truth (capital T).

Here's one such mind-opening Truth, captured in a simple Zen story.

A woman is being chased by tigers. To escape the tigers, she crawls down a vine over the edge of a cliff. As she gets partway down the cliff, she notices there are tigers below her as well. And then, she realizes that a tiny mouse has started gnawing at the vine to which she clings. Then, she looks right in front of her, and there is a perfect, ripe, juicy strawberry.

The great sages will tell you that this is a metaphor for life. That death (tigers) is inevitable, and that life (the vine) is full of stress (the mouse) (the vine) also provides beautiful experiences (strawberries).

I'd like to take this little story a step further.

The woman plucks the strawberry and takes the time to enjoy every moment of it. She even shares a bite of it with the mouse, who scurries away with his piece. Once she is fully nourished, her mind opens to the bigger Truth reality, that she has many vines available to her, and even caves that lead to other worlds away from the tigers. And, to add just a little more flair...she took a good amount of time to fully enjoy that strawberry, so much time that the tigers got bored and left in search of easier prey.

Moral of the Story: If you just take the time to notice and enjoy what pleasure is right in front you, you just may find alternative solutions to the stress that plagues you.

How does this story apply to you?

The hangries (hunger induced anger) can totally mess with my mind. Specifically, the hangries can cause a bad case of tunnel vision.

And I'm not just talking about the hangries you get from not getting enough to eat. For example, I can have the hangries, and mindlessly eat a bag of whatever and still feel angry.

Maybe even more angry than I was before the serving of whatevers.

Cuz it's not the food that fixes the hangries, but the NOURISHMENT.

When the woman ate the strawberry, she allowed herself to share it with the mouse, and love every morsel flavor, texture, and juice of it. She took her time and had a full nourishment experience.

And then her mind opened to the multitude of possibilities around her, and her circumstances changed.

So this month, and this full moon, as the world around you may test you with all kinds of chasing tigers and vine eating mice after you've already been exhausted from running from all the stressors of your life...I invite you to take the time to fully nourish yourself.

  • Be present in the moment right in front of you.

  • Eat a strawberry, and take your time with it.

  • Walk in nature, and take NOTICE of it and all its glories.

And see what happens to your tunnel vision and your circumstances after you've been fully nourished.



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