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How Chakra Balancing Heals Your Inner Child

Did you know that your childhood stages and development is directly linked to your chakra function?

If you had any kind of trauma or illness or injury or major life event happen during the development of a particular chakra, it is going to affect how that chakra functions and cause some inner child wounding as well. Part of your brain gets stuck on that trauma, illness, injury, or major life event, kinda like a record player getting stuck on a certain loop. That results in a stunting of your childhood development, and leads to an inner child loop. Until you heal it through therapy, inner child work, or some other means of regression healing.

On the flip side, if something significantly positive happens during a particular childhood development stage, your brain and nervous system amplifies that energy into a particular skill or asset in your character. That inner child grows beyond measure, resulting in a DOMINANT CHAKRA.

For years, I've taught my students and clients how the stages of child development coincide with the development of the chakra system. Here's a brief summary.

❤️ ROOT CHAKRA - Infancy


💛 CORE CHAKRA - Pre-School

💚 HEART CHAKRA - Grade School

💙 THROAT CHAKRA - Middle School (puberty)


💖 CROWN CHAKRA - Young Adult


Let me offer you my own stories as examples.

My childhood development was amplified in my pre-teen and teen years (throat and third eye chakra) by a spiritual awakening that occurred for me at a younger than average age.

I discovered at the age of 11 (throat chakra) that I could see auras and chakras (third eye chakra) and other people couldn't. I was blessed to have parents that encouraged this and helped me develop that skill.

I attended my first personal-growth week-long intensive program when I was thirteen years old.

It was called The Whole-ness Training (for teens), led by a man named Peter. I learned big words like vulnerability, accountability, and manifestation. I learned how to meditate, which was a challenge because the event was located right next to the airport!

That training ended with a candlelight ceremony singing to Neil Diamond's Turn On Your Heart-Light and Whitney Houston's The Greatest Love of All. And I remember the auras and chakras of everyone in the room were LIT UP in big ways.

It was the first time I remember crying the happy kind of tears, and I didn't know where they came from.

A couple years later, I helped my dad co-facilitate a manifestation training at our church led by a man named Vrle Minto. I still use Vrle's visualization tricks to make red lights turn green. (I still feel some of those happy tears every time I manifest a green light or a perfect parking spot...thanks Vrle).

Through my entire pre-teen and teen years, I had all kinds of fun playing in the world of metaphysics.

By the time I was 18 years old, I was referencing Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life on a daily basis, working my way through A Course in Miracles, and keeping a dream journal.

Mind you, this was all nearly TWO DECADES before The Secret became not so secret.

All this is to say that my Throat Chakra (pre-teen) and Third Eye Chakra (teen) were highly developed at a very young age, and continue to be my strongest assets.

I am a writer (throat chakra of expression) and a chakra expert (third eye chakra of perception).

At the same time, I did suffer some significant set-backs in other childhood development. Namely, the sacral chakra. When I was a toddler, I was also an empath with high sensitivities. As a result, as toddlers do, I had temper tantrums.

Massive Ones.

I'm talking shake the house and break the mirrors off the back of the closet door type tantrums (and they lasted well beyond my toddler ages).

I'm still not allowed to have mirrors hung on the back of doors.

As much as my parents tried, they didn't know what to do to manage these violent outbursts. They didn't know how to help me find better ways to LET GO (sacral chakra) of pent up energy.

My sacral chakra growth was stunted.

It took me until well into my 40s before I started to REALLY develop healthy sacral chakra letting go practices.

AKA - learning how to PLAY

I had to marry a Sacral Chakra dominant to learn.

My Hobbit reminds me of that every day when he asks me to talk to him in goofy voices, or nudges me to make bubble noises with my lips over his wagging finger. And he makes me cry happy-laughing tears several times a month.


And, over the last year, I have been doing some deep chakra inner child work to heal those sacral chakra wounds, and drawing upon the assets of my writing skill (throat chakra dominance)

And, my loyal clients, readers, and community have noticed.

I've come out of a shell I didn't know was there.

My message is much clearer. Louder. And even MAGNETIC to my audience.

I rebranded my website to be more colorful. more playful. And I've been posting brighter and more kaleidoscopic content in all kinds of psychedelic and fun ways.

For those of you who heard me, and understood me, and encouraged me as loyal followers for years, THANK YOU.

For those of you who are new to my work...WELCOME...I hope you enjoy the ride, cuz it's a really fun one.


P.S. if you are interested in doing some of this deep inner child chakra work with me, I have incorporated it into my Chakra Coaching Programs. Now is the time to enroll in the 9-month group programs that start January 2023.

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