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Empath Boundaries


Learn the best ways to protect your energy from
toxic people, difficult relationships & energy vampires
with everyday 10-second Mind-Body Exercises.

TeriLeigh Chakras Coach
TeriLeigh Chakras Coach
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You know you are an Empath

with Boundary issues if...

❤️ You feel other people's feels as your own

🧡 People tell you that you are too sensitive

💛 You react in anger or irritation and feel guilty afterwards

💚 You over-think and over-compensate in relationships 

💙 You over-give to people who don't reciprocate

💜 You find yourself alone when you need support the most

You're not too sensitive
You Just have a REALLY BIG HEART!
(and boundaries are

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Boundary Mistakes

❤️ You say "yes" when you should say NO, leaving you depleted and exhausted.

🧡 People are hurtful, abusive, and take advantage of you, and you *see* their pain and make excuses for their behavior.

💛 You over-give, putting your own needs aside to take care of the needs of others before yourself.



Boundary Moves

❤️ You say NO as a complete sentence (and don't feel guilty about it).

🧡 You wash off toxic energies before they trigger you and spill into other areas of your life.

💛 You take care of your own needs first, and then assist others, so that you can stay strong and help more people.

In relationship you cannot change or control others,
but you can change and control yourself.

Here's How...

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You've Tried

📿 Meditation
🍃 Sage/Smudging
🔮 Crystals

🍾 Essential Oils
🛁 Epsom Salt Baths
🔥 Burning Rituals
🧘🏼‍♂️ Yoga
🧠 Affirmations


these methods work...sometimes...
but not always


The MasterEmpath Approach

🥷Practical 10-Second Chakra Tricks you can use to control your empath feels in-the-moment when they happen!

🧠 Simple 
Brain Re-Wiring Techniques to retrain your nervous system so that you can stop being reactive and start being mindfully responsive when your empath feels kick in.

🌳 Sensible 
Nature Rituals you can do to remind yourself of your True Nature when the big things knock you off your center.

What You Will Learn

I'm an empath.

I feel all the feels.


After decades of difficult and broken relationships that caused me to have reactive grown-up temper tantrums, and emotional burnout , I learned how to manage my over-sensitive feely-feels so that I now have a loving partnership and fulfilling friendships.

This unique approach combining empath sensitivities with chakra alignment, brain training, and shamanic nature healing is the most practical and effective method of managing empath sensitivities in your everyday life. 

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  • Master’s in Teaching/Education

  • Bachelor's in Literary Studies

  • Bachelor's Creative Writing

  • Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Yoga Teacher Trainer (Chakras)

  • Reiki Master

  • Chakra Expert

  • Initiated Shaman Elder 

  • Published Author

  • Linguistics Nerd

  • Neuroscience Geek

  • 20+ years of teaching  

Teri Leigh - Chakras Coach

What You Get

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“I enjoy my relationships more. I enjoy my parents more, and I have a heart tool to use when I do get irritated with them. I am feeling more secure in my marriage. I appreciate my friendships and am finding ways to relax into them.”


"Working with TeriLeigh is one of the best investments of my life. I've learned that I am actually good at relating to people and listening generously!"


"I used to be annoyed and triggered and impacted by my mom - now I can relate to her and engage with her and enjoy the experience, even though Mom didn’t change. I did."


"Teri Leigh is one of very few who has seen and understood my depth of sensitivity, and given me realistic practices that help me uphold my boundaries with those who purposely misunderstand and push me to put their wants before my needs."


"TeriLeigh helped me to (re)establish relationship boundaries - at home, at work, with family, and (maybe most importantly) with MYSELF.

I have learned that I am more true to myself, and able to enforce those boundaries, when I pause, breathe, and am willing to say "no".

You're in the Right Place...

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  • You’re an energy sensitive, light-worker, empath, nurturer, care-taker, or loving soul who wants to be of service, help people, and contribute to the higher good.

  • You feel stuck in unbalanced relationship habits of over-thinking, over-doing, and over-giving that's trapped you in a lifestyle of putting everyone else's needs before your own...but you're ready to really take care of yourself.

  • You've attended weekend workshops or intensive trainings that leave you feeling amazing and deeply inspired, but the effects gradually wear off over time, and you're looking for a sustainable and lasting solution.

  • You've tried, and enjoyed, many different holistic modalities (yoga, meditation, reiki, intuitive readings, acupuncture, etc.) and they all feel good for a short time, but don't really produce the lasting effects you crave.

  • You are spiritually minded and chakra curious, and you're ready to open to the magical and mystical wisdom inside yourself so that you can better help and serve the world around you. 

  • … AND you would appreciate a grounded, practical, realistic, balanced, no-BS, common-sense step-by-step approach that is a yin/yang balance of spirit and science.

Yes, Please

I am currently accepting a limited number of beta-test clients for this private short-term program.

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