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Full Moon Writer Blues

This weekend is a full moon. And Halloween. And the second full moon in a blue moon. And the energies in the world are more than a little chaotic.

For me as a writer, that means headaches, writer's block, disorganization, insomnia, lack of appetite, and all kinds of other chaos. It's times like these, as a writer, that I totally understand how Jack Torrance went looney in The Shining. Thankfully, I'm not isolated in a haunted hotel over the winter in the Rocky Mountains. But with the 'rona and the election, I sure feel like something different is haunting me this week.

I didn't sleep last night. Not at all. A headache that won't quit coupled with thoughts churning in the eddy of my mind like ping pong balls in a tide pool.

I'm supposed to be excited, exuberant, enthused, and enthralled right now. I received the advance copies of my novel, The Shadow's Shine, to ship to my loyal pre-order readers. I am starting a collaboration with a marketer to develop a significant launch campaign for Yoga Wonderland. I'm supposed to be celebrating, but instead, I'm just trying to keep my head about the lapping waters of heavy raw emotions.

And so, for today, I put away the writing. Instead, I carry my leather journal with me everywhere and let it absorb my feels and thoughts through osmosis rather than through actual handwriting.

Some days are like this. And that's okay. It's okay to not always be perfectly okay.


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