The Shadow's Shine


Friends with Grief

The summer of 1985. 

The summer I turned thirteen. 


Too old for Scooby Doo and Fred Flintstone, old enough to ask questions about the Unabomber and the famine in Africa, but not quite old enough to understand the hostage situation of the Iran-Contra Affair, I wanted to grow up faster than I should. 

I wasn’t a little girl anymore.

But I wasn’t a grown-up either. 

The summer Teddy died.


I found pieces of myself tucked away in  boxes of my childhood memorbilia, pressed like dried flowers between the pages of the notebooks. One by one, I re-attached them, plugging them into the empty holes in the corners of my gut, surgically suturing them to the tender tissues of my heart, meticulously weaving them back into the folds of my mind. 

The Literature Curriculum

As a former high school teacher for at-risk youth, I know how difficult it is to get kids to read, much less learn the basic elements of quality literature. I wrote this novel with the intention of creating a curriculum to teach reluctant middle/high school readers the elements of literature.

I am designing this curriculum as a full online learning to be available for classroom teachers, home-schooling, online educational institutions, and mental health day-treatment programs.

Grief Mentoring

Grief comes in waves, and if you don't pay attention, he will hit you hard when you least expect it.

But if you make friends with Grief, and take a active, mindful, intentional approach to your grief, it can not only be manageable, it can be pleasurable, and even joyful.

Grief Mentoring shows you how to face your grief with strength and feel the LOVE he brings.