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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a multi-dimensional sacred text that offers spiritual truths in a way that keeps me playing in Wonderland each time a read a passage. My inner-child knows how to wander through imaginary nonsensical lands and make up my own rules. To me, the imaginary world of a hookah smoking caterpillar and a Mad-Hatter’s tea table are far more intriguing than the endless wars and battles over morality of Hindu mythology. 

YOGA WONDERLAND is such an amazing place where every practice you will discover out-of-the-way-things and where never-expected-occurrences happen.

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Commit to a Home Practice

5 Minutes a day

5 Days a week

5 Poses per practice

5-Breaths per pose

"Yoga Wonderland helped me to find my voice, listen to my intuition, and access my inner strength" ~Megan

My Practice

While I've taken hundreds of yoga classes, I never practiced regularly in a studio. I practice mostly alone, taking class only a few times a year.

I roll out of bed almost every morning onto my yoga mat in a personal practice of mindful asana and pranayama. My practice is anywhere from 15-75 minutes each day, flowing gently in an intuitively guided devotion.

Private Yoga Mentoring

Learn yoga for your body, in your way in just 5-minutes a day 

with Private Home Yoga Mentoring

with TeriLeigh

Perfect for Raw Beginners who want to practice at home.

Online sessions available.