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Full Cold MoonLetter 12.7.22 (ground yourself)

Are you Over-Syndromes kicking into Over-Drive?

This time of year is always a time of EXTRA.

It's extra dark (in the northern hemisphere). It's extra busy. Which means extra planning. It's full of extra emotions.

As someone who is extra-sensitive this time of year is always a time that your over-syndromes kick into over-drive.

  • over-thinking

  • over-doing

  • over-feeling

  • over-busy-ness

  • over-giving

  • over-sensing

  • over-whelming

  • over-worrying


Ask any astrologer how the stars and engaging with this particular Cold Full Moon this year and they will tell you it's full of a lot of EXTRA energies going on, more than other years. Absolutely EVERYTHING seems to be on over-the-top mode right now.

For example, in the last few months I've had not just a couple, but SEVERAL people report significant deaths or losses in their lives. I know several entrepreneurs (myself included) who have decided NOW IS THE TIME to kick their businesses up a few notches beyond their comfort zones. Did you notice that Black Friday turned into a week-long event this year? And after two years of pandemic lockdown, it seems that the world is in over-indulgence mode.

For highly sensitive souls and empaths all this extra and over can be too much to manage and make you want to hide in your hole until it all passes...but then you end up with a bad case of the FOMO.

I'm writing to offer you a simple antidote. A practical way to manage the extras and overs. It's so common sense, we don't realize how easy it is to do.


There are lots of ways to ground, here are a just a few of the simple ones you can do anytime.

  • eat root vegetables (potatoes, yams, carrots, onions...anything that you dig up from under ground)

  • plant your feet, imagine roots growing down and take a deep breath

  • engage your inner thigh muscles (which hug your root chakra) and take a deep breath


  • talk to a plant as you check the soil to see if it needs watering


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