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Every Day Whimsy

"It is the small every-day deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love." ~Gandalf

I live with a man I call Hobbit who fills every day with small every-day deeds of ordinary light.

Yesterday, Hobbit drew a stork on our kitchen whiteboard.

I added to it with a dog head.

He gave the dog head a cloud body.

I gave the cloud body jazz hands.

He gave the cloud body bouncy feet.

I gave the bouncy feet a spongey mushroom trampoline.

I tell you this story because five years ago, I never would've dreamed of living this kind of whimsy in my life. I would've considered it silly nonsense that is a waste of precious time better spent on being efficient and productive in other things.

In short, five years ago I had too much to do to give my time and energy to whimsical things.

Then I met and married a Hobbit.

My Hobbit knew that I needed help in the joyful, playful, fun aspects of life.

And, he also knew that I wouldn't be able to handle It in large doses.

He scattered and dabbled goofiness and whimsy and nonsense and absurdism


In tiny piles of random stuff that didn't really belong everywhere

(at first I called It disorganization...I've's creativization)

He makes spaceships out of our lampshades by putting upside-down funnels on top and told me to prepare for liftoff (as I am working with a new business model).

He sings made up tunes and diddies about normal every-day actions while he's in the shower, doing the dishes, taking out the trash, letting out the various character voices (he sings and dances his way through mundane everyday tasks to make the FUN).

He writes me love-notes on fruit (mostly bananas).

Before I met my Hobbit, I was caught in a normal every day time-loop pattern of to-do lists, busy-ness tasks, productivity, and working to be efficient.

Oddly, now five years later, with all this whimsy and play in my life...I am somehow MORE efficient, MORE productive, MORE effective, and MORE organized than ever.

And I thought I was the QUEEN of efficient, productive, effective, and organized...

What I needed was someone completely outside my norm, someone outside myself to SEE me, to NOTICE me, to gently and graciously and tenderly TIP-TOE me into new habits that I didn't even know I was missing.

Hobbit brought my world to a new level of awesome...and I thought it was pretty awesome already.

Sometimes you need someone outside yourself, to see you, to hear you, to honor you, and to gently nudge you towards a new level of awesome.

Your life could be amazing! and yet you know that you're in transition, experiencing some kind of growth/process/evolution…

and having someone to feel with you through the unknown corners of places you've never been can be a journey to an unknown destination that brings all kinds of giggle bumps joys.

wanna play with me?

Sign up for a Sacred Mentorship Discovery Call so that I can scatter/spill/spew a little hint of new awesome all over you.


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