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Empath Energy Report 7.23.21 ~ Full Thunder Moon

Wow! Energetically, this July has been a whopper of a month! Have you felt it too?

In the New-MoonLetter on July 9th, I wrote about my own spiritual “upgrade” that I’ve been processing through my system in the form of long-lasting (and rather strange) virus symptoms. My clients this month have reported their own energy-glitches and massive shifts. Usually about once a once a year I have a client come to me experiencing a massive energy download, energetic awakening, or spiritual upgrade like the one I’m experiencing with my virus upgrade. Since I have recovered from my illness just in the last week alone, I’ve had four clients/friends come to me saying they are in the midst of some kind of unexpected energetic and spiritual thunderstorm. One of them was actually electrocuted! (don’t worry, he’s fine...actually better than fine...he was fully equipped and prepared to handle it).

I’ve been through my own thunderstorms like these not once, but three times prior in my life. I know the massive impact and healing process it requires. The first one was in my twenties when I faced death by attempting suicide and my mother nurtured me through the portal to a new life. The second time was voluntary when I participated in elder initiation rites with an African shaman. The third time was the lightning bolt that forced my divorce (you can read about that in my book The Gift Inside the Wound). All three of these thunderstorms were things I could sense and feel coming on, like watching the clouds roll in, and yet I had no idea the massive power that comes with being struck by a spiritual jolt of energetic lightning.

  • Do you find yourself being forced to deal with massive change, and perhaps being resistant to that change?

  • Are you looking into the eye of a massive storm and know that it’s gonna change EVERYTHING?

  • Do you feel ill-prepared to face the fears that come with massive paradigm shift?

  • Are you looking into the depths of facing your deepest traumas, wounds, and shadows?

You KNOW that facing these fears, traumas and wounds will bring you to a better place, but the massive thunderstorm you have to endure to get there is overwhelming.

Each time a client/friend came to me with this kind of story in the last couple weeks, I expressed to them that I am super excited for them. An enegertic jolt like this always comes with a massive power upgrade. And then I encourage them, the process is intense, and they ARE ready for it. I affirm that we can't know exactly what is happening, but we are being called to remain open-minded, curious and receptive of the potential and possibility of massive change. In order to do this, we have to remember and cultivate the inner strength and security to fully BELIEVE that everything we have experienced in our lives has prepared us for this thunderstorm, we asked for this, and we are READY.


If you are experiencing your own spiritual upgrade, energetic download, or impending massive shift, I cannot offer you answers, but I can provide you with tools to help you access your inner strength and confidence and remain open and curious.


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