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Empath Energy Report 3.29.21 - Full Worm Moon

This Full Worm Moon marks Nature's New Year. Full Moon's always mark the fullness of something, the end of a full cycle, and thus the day(s) after the full moon are the beginning of something new. Starting yesterday afternoon/evening and into today, I've noticed a massive energy shift for those of us who are energy sensitives. Things feel, well, just a lot lighter.

Here in Minnesota, we have our first 70+ degree weather day, so it really does feel like spring. This comes just a few days after our governor announced that vaccinations are opening to all adults to come soon. Out for my afternoon walk with the dogs I saw motorcycles, bicycles, kids on the playground, even a batmobile touring the neighborhood (what the heck was that thing?)

As the world is looking at "opening back up" and "returning to normal" the individuals within that world are choosing to make major life decisions and take actionable steps to create for themselves a NEW normal.

Hope & Inspiration for Major Lifestyle Changes

I have noticed that a large number of conversations people are having with me involve making MAJOR life decisions. All of them are about moving on, moving forward, creating a new normal. Moving into new homes. Selling old homes. Choosing to make lifestyle changes to support a mortgage-free lifestyle. Choosing to retire sooner. Selling their homes and living a nomad life. Finding ways to downsize and live mortgage free. Major downsizing to live minimalistically. Some of these people have been contemplating these decisions for a long time, but this week, this full moon has made them take major actionable steps to put those contemplations into reality.

Improved Sleep

On a more micro level, there is really good news for many empaths, energy sensitives and HSPs...sleep patterns might be returning to more steady levels! This entire past year, I have had difficulty with my sleep patterns. While I don't always feel tired in the daytime, I have often has difficulty falling asleep, or waking up, or not being able to get back to sleep. It's been a major life disruption! But, I am happy to report that I have had two full nights of restful and restorative sleep in a row! This hasn't happened in over a year! And many of my empath friends have reported the same. This is especially key that this has happened over the weekend of a full moon because historically full moon's cause sleep disruption (even not during a pandemic). In fact, some of my energy sensitive friends have even reported that this fully moon was either unnoticeable or even pleasant in its energy!

Health or Emotional Issues Resolving Themselves

I have had several clients call me this week about lifelong or significant health or emotional issues popping back up in their lives. With each one, they have had to face one last fear or challenge related to this issue, and then it complete resolves! For example, one client who has had certain fears about a health condition returning went to the doctor one more time "just to check" and found out not only is the issue completely gone, but her health related to that issue is better than the doctor expected for someone her age. Another client called me with an emotional challenge she has been "sweeping under the rug" or distracting herself from for years. She wanted one deep conversation to really get to the heart of it, and within one call, she found peace with it like she never has.


This blog is part of a new series I am offering here. Whenever I sense energy changes and disruptions that affect introverts, HSPs, and empaths, I will post what I witness and experience here. For the month of April, this feature will be free. Starting with the Pink Moon (April 26) I will be charging $4.44/month for this feature.


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