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Do You Have CONTROL Issues? Here's where it lives in your body.

Your pelvis is a structure of bones, shaped like a bowl that HOLDS a number of organs and tissues.

Those organs that are held by the pelvis all have a job related to HOLDING ON and LETTING GO.

Here are just a few examples.

  • lower intestine - hold the poop until it is time to let that sh*t go

  • uterus - hold the baby (or menses) until it is time to give birth

  • bladder - hold the pee until it is time to let it *flow*

If you have issues with any of these bodily functions, you could have...


(gulp...that's a pretty harsh reality)

but if you think about it...constipation, diarrhea, menstrual cycle issues, erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, UTIs...they are all signs of an imbalance of holding on and letting go.

When you learn how to align your pelvis in a way that the muscles inside your pelvis can properly embrace and hug your sacral chakra, you can alleviate a sh*t ton of those control issues.


This is just one of the things you will learn in my 9-Month Chakra Immersion that starts January 19th. Enrollment is now open.


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