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Do NOT Chase - PLAY Instead

I have a nine month old corgi puppy. Some days she just has a lot of energy. She's a puppy. Life is exciting, adventurous, and new. And she is curious. About EVERYTHING. This morning (post full pink supermoon) she is especially full of vigor and vitality. I tried to catch her. It doesn't work. It just encourages her to run and play chase more. There is no bringing her into the house.

Having been a dog owner my whole life, I've played this game many many times. I know how it goes. I have a number of options. I can surrender to her whims, and play chase with her. If I do that, and truly surrender to her energy, I will eventually find myself laughing and playing. I can offer her a leash and take her for a walk or to the dog park. But that usually means a good fifteen minutes of frustration trying to coax her to the leash. Or I can go back in the house and let her come in on her own time. If I do that, she usually ends up barking up a storm, disturbing the neighbors and interrupting my workday anyway.

As pets always do, her behavior is a lesson for me.

Today is the day after a very emotional and powerful pink full supermoon. As an empath and HSP, I'm feeling the feels. I didn't sleep well, and I'm moody for no explainable reason.

Trying to chase away my Empath feels and HSP sensitivity is like trying to catch a puppy running zoomies in the backyard. I know, that if I entirely ignore the feels, they will bark and yip and howl and yell until I give them attention. I also know that if I fight them, try to tame them, or try to force them to do what I want them to do, they will run zoomies around me for hours. Fighting them only encourages them to persist for longer, and get worse.

So, I must surrender to them. They are energies that need to work themselves out. So I have to feel them. I have to breathe through them. I have to give them just enough (but not too much) attention so that they can feel validated, appreciated, and safe to go about their way.

Today is one of those days where Tosha wants to run zoomies AFTER a long walk. There's no exercising these feels away. . . I guess today I'll be playing with them.


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