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A Sacral Chakra Trick to LETTING GO

This weekend we received word that a very precious gift package that was sent to us (as a surprise) never arrived.

We have no idea what happened to it.

The sender hasn't been able to locate it through tracking numbers.

It just vanished.

Sent to the wrong address?

porch pirates?

lost on the trucks?

we will never know.

This is a case of...

We don't know

what we don't know

and can't ever know

so the only solution is to just


easier said than done.

But here's my little trick to letting sh*t go.

It's a Sacral Chakra balancing exercise. Cuz the Sacral Chakra is all about holding on and letting go (your pee and your poop are controlled in your sacral chakra).

✅ go to the bathroom & run the water.

✅ let it run over your hands

✅ watch the water go down the drain

✅ wring your hands under the water and get into all the cracks of your fingers

✅ let the water wash away every last unknowing uncertain thought.

if washing your hands isn't enough.

wash your face

or your whole body

mindfully and intentionally

wash all that unknown-uncertain-can't-ever-know stuff away.

then dry off, and wash the towel before using it again.

If you know your sacral chakra is out of balance and you want to understand a chakra reading with me.


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