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What COVID & Quarantine Is Doing to Our Chakras

My whole life, I have been able to see and read the human chakras, and I can honestly say I never thought I would see anything like this in my lifetime. What I *see* is a massive constriction, compression, and squeezing. While I have seen this before, on a rare occasion, in one or two chakras of a few clients, I have never seen it in ALL the chakras of EVERYONE at the same time. Everyone’s chakras. All of them.

Imagine a spherical shaped sponge of energy, and its holes are filled with psychedelic colored juices that also emit light. Now squeeze that sponge, and squeeze it some more, and then stick the compressed sponge onto the end of a vacuum wand to suck out the air to compress it even more. Now do that with all seven of the major chakras in your system. That’s what has happened as a result of covid and quarantine. A major chakra compression and detox.

As the chakras get compressed, all the stuff in them has to come out. This major detox has not been comfortable. Rather, it’s been quite ugly. People are facing their biggest demons, having to deal with issues that have stayed quietly hidden for quite some time. Lots of stuff is being squeezed out.

However, now as we have turned the corner into the fourth quarter of quarantine, about to reach the one year mark, we are realizing that what is left after all the squeezing might be something rather beautiful. When squeezed enough to get to the deepest core of the chakras, we might actually be able to touch and feel and express something really beautiful.

I have always been a fan and believer in a slight twist on Rumi’s famous quote that “the wound is the place where our lights shine out.” Which means that as an empath and a chakra enthusiast, I am constantly watching to see how the ugly turns itself inside out into something beautiful. Here is my assessment of the deep compression of our chakras and what lights that is squeezing out of us.

Root Chakra - Basic Needs

While we are dealing with the intense health issues and fears of the virus itself, we are also spending a lot more time at home with family. The compression of the root chakra caused by the virus has forced us to dig deeper into our root systems, connect more with home and family. We are also becoming more aware of overall health and well-being. I believe Covid is teaching us to be more pro-active in terms of general health and well-being as well as to remember basic priorities of putting home and family first.

Sacral Chakra - Pleasure

As we have lost most of our typical avenues for entertainment such as concerts, parties, sporting events, and dining out, the squeeze and compression of our sacral chakras is forcing us to be more creative, which in turn activates curiosity. They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and invention is born from imagination. I believe that the lack of instant entertainment is pushing us to access or imaginations, curiosities, and creativities more. In addition, the challenge to re-imagine how to do things in all industries as we work-from-home is really stretching our creative and inventive abilities.

Core Chakra - Power & Strength

The riots of the summer of 2020, and the insurrection of the US Capitol on January 6th are all evidence of the squeezing of excess power and control out of our core chakras. This is getting us to the true core of our identity, and the pains that have resulted from these events have led us to find more compassion and sweetness. On another note, our culture used to be bigger, greater, better, faster, more, more more. But Covid has slowed us down, made us re-evaluate, stripped most of our efforts to the bare bones and squeezed out all the excess efforts. As a result, I believe we are shifting to a less-is-more culture of efficiency, simplicity, and clarity.

Heart Chakra - Love & Connection

This is a big one. The heart of Covid is about the heart chakra…our ability to breathe. As we wash our hands more and wear masks, we have become acutely aware of the interconnectedness of community. As the virus can be spread with just one simple breath, we are learning just how much we live and breathe with and for each other! I honestly believe that the ultimate life lesson of COVID that we need to learn is that of the Golden Rule. We are all connected, and in order to ensure overall health and wellness, we need to treat each and every soul with the same love and respect we expect others offer us. Honestly, I believe that COVID won’t go away until all of humanity starts to fully LIVE by this basic tenet.

Throat Chakra - Expression & Communication

Back in May 2020, triggered by the events surrounding the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, people started to raise their voices. And of course, all the communications about covid and the science are contradictory and confusing. The messages, conspiracy theories, and research has led us to information overload. On the flip side of this, I am finding people are not only wanting to be heard and understood, but we also really want simplicity and clarity. I believe we are learning to speak our truths more concisely, clearly, honestly, and authentically.

Third Eye Chakra - Intuition & Insight

After almost a whole year of quarantine, for many of us that has meant a significant level of isolation, we have all been forced into some level of meditation and deep introspection. We are turning within. In any meditative process, there is a period of chaos where the body and mind need to unwind and settle. After the chaos, the quiet comes, and inside that quiet, Truth is revealed. If covid is a year-long forced meditation, we are all reaching a point of trusting our inner selves far more than ever.

Crown Chakra - Spirit

Everything, all the challenges of covid can be summarized in one general challenge, and that is the challenge of facing the unknown. This is human’s biggest fear, the unknown. Everything this last year has been about not really knowing what is happening, what is going to happen, not understanding the finer details in relation to the bigger picture. When we can’t know, we turn to faith. Covid has activated a need to find faith. Heck, some of us have even reached a place where the unknown is exciting, and we are enthused about what might come to be as a result of all of this.


Covid is not just a rinsing out of the sponges of our chakras. Yes, they are being squeezed, and that squeeze will eventually lessen and we will return to a “new normal.” But this isn’t just a cleaning out and restoring. This is a total metamorphosis. This is a chemical reconstruction. Every chakra is affected, and everything is changing on a massive level in a relatively short amount of time. It looks almost like our DNA ladders are being overly twisted so that they are doubling over on themselves over and over again. I believe we starting to unwind, and as we do so now, the DNA ladders are coming out completely reorganized. Ancestral traumas are shifted. Genetic assets are amplified.

If you had a chakra reading from me years ago, or you’ve never had one before, NOW is the time! While what I’ve described here is a general analysis of our culture and society as a whole, how it manifests in you specifically can help guide you towards the right healing and recovery path post-covid for you.


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