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TeriLeigh's Story

I'm TeriLeigh. Lots of people call me TL. I'm just an average woman, living with a Hobbit and a couple dogs.

Hobbit calls me Owleigh. He says I was a creature who swooped in from nowhere, like a meteor, with a lot of wisdom (hence the owl moniker) and sprinkled all kinds of happy-bubble-pixie-dust into his otherwise drab world. Hobbit (whose given name is Neil) gave himself that nickname on our first date. I swooned at him for his hobbit-like humbleness, his belief in Alice in Wonderland as a sacred text, and his ability to make me laugh multiple times over completely absurd concepts. He's my other best friend, the one who speaks English, and a whole bunch of other voices I don't always understand, but usually make me giggle.

Sukha has been by my side since 2006. Sukha's name means "surrender" in Sanskrit. She shows me how to surrender to the good stuffs of life, how to love myself, reminds me how to stop and sniff the good smells (and the odd ones), and nudges me to be fully aware and present in all moments. Whenever we can, we take long walks (more like slow saunters) in the woods, enjoying what we consider to be the wisest creatures on earth, TREES.

Tosha joined our family in the fall of 2020. A pandemic puppy, she brought joy and laughter to our home. Her name means contentment in Sanskrit. She shows me how to be content with the little stuffs and the tiny moments.

We split our time between St. Paul MN, the mountains of Max Meadows, Virginia.


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