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THIS is What We've Been Waiting For!

2020 has been hell. This morning as I read blogs and posts and insights from various light workers and yogis and healers, and I see their predictions about what is to come. Whether you are Republican or Democrat, or somewhere in between, whether you follow QAnon or some other theory, or you aren't political at all...the world is changing, and this full moon on Halloween just before All Souls Day ushered in the END of many things so that we could be open to something new. That new is coming. We are the seed about (but not yet) to burst through the soil. It's a dark time, and it is possibly about to get darker and a bit more painful.

Last spring's quarantine and stay at home orders were to prepare us for this winter. Get us organized at home, cleared the clutter, comfortable in our home space so that now we can be here and be okay with it as things may potentially get wilder.

I got a text message this morning, a friend forwarding a light worker's prepare for another stay at home, for potential martial law. To stock up on supplies. And I thought, hm...last spring was just practice! The stay at home orders, the civil unrest rioting and National Guard deployments, the wildfires, the hurricanes. It was preparing us to deal with something completely different, bigger, and stronger.

We can't know what it is. It doesn't matter. What matters is that we have gone through the Basic Training Bootcamp. We have done the training. We have passed all the tests. And now, now is the time we settle in and do the real work.

So roll out your yoga mats, your prayer rugs. Grab your mala beads, your rosaries. Light you candles, your incense, your sage. And TUNE IN! Focus in. Turn inward on yourself and your own power to be solid, to be stable, to be positive, to hold the Truth, to KNOW what is beautiful and perfect and natural about this world.



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