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The Money Tree - Abundance & Manifestation - Success Story

A client signed up for my 6-month Sacred Mentorship Program, she knew it was precisely what she needed…


She was terrified because she did

n’t have the money.

Or, at least she didn’t think she did.

I met with her three times before she signed the contract and made the payment. She decided to put $2000 down and pay the rest in installments over time.

“I’m gonna manifest this $2000 so I can pay off this credit card bill before it accrues any interest,” she said to me, and affirmed for herself.

In her first session with me, she shared with me that she has difficulty with receiving and that blocks her ability to manifest what she desires. I gave her some homework including a specific breathing exercise, a shaman ritual, a book to read, and to start a gratitude journal.

She did her homework.

(I honestly believe it was the breathing exercise that caused the biggest shift for her)

And it worked in big ways!

Yesterday, during her second session with me she told me she came into a bit of money.

$2000 to be exact.

She told me the most beautiful story about a friend of hers.

A few years back, she gave this friend a money tree. Over the years, he has gushed gratitude for her and that money tree gift because he feels it has given him multiple blessings in his life.

Evidently, last week he received another one of those blessings.

He asked her to drive him to the bank (he doesn’t have a car). He had recently learned that he never collected his severance pay from 15 years ago. They have been trying to get in touch with him for years and couldn't.

They owed him $70k.

He told her that this windfall was another blessing from the money tree.

When he came out of the bank, he gave her a money envelope. He was beaming with excitement.

It was $2000 in $100 bills.


While this story is not typical, it is also not uncommon.

In fact, it is a perfect example of how abundance in the universe works.

You’ve heard me say this before.




This includes money.

Money is energy. And we use it as currency to exchange goods and services.

When we think and believe that money is scarce, our thoughts (and the energy of our thoughts) create that reality, and we live in scarcity.

Gifts and blessings of abundance are constantly being offered to us in the form of people offering us things every single day…in various forms such as:

offerings…“would you like a glass of water?” compliments…“you look beautiful.”

invitations… “let me take you out to lunch.”

When we live in scarcity, our eyes are not seeing these abundant offerings, and we are constantly turning them down. Blocking the energy. Stopping the flow.

Trust me. I know.

I have fallen victim to scarcity many times in my life, including filing bankruptcy once upon a time.


When you think and BELIEVE that money is abundant, just like everything else in the world, the energy of your thoughts create that reality, and you live in abundance.

Living in abundance means that you accept the gifts and blessings offered to you, and gush gratitude for those gifts and abundance, and give that energy back out into the flow, you are in the flow of the abundance in life.

And…these unconscious patterns of seeing or not seeing the abundance energy around you can be very difficult to break.

I have a specific breathing exercise that teaches your nervous system and human energy to appreciate and maintain the flow of energy in the universe. I also have a number of shaman rituals to help keep yourself in the abundance mindset (and I occasionally slip back into scarcity fears myself some days).

I use these practices for myself every day, because they work.

I teach these practices to my clients in my Sacred Mentorship.

And if they do their homework, it works.


Over the last year, I have met one-on-one with a number of individuals interested in mentoring with me. Most of them tell me that the program is exactly what they know they need, and they really wish they could

But…they can’t afford it.

Amber had these same fears, but she didn’t let that stop her. Of all these individuals, Amber’s income is on the low end (the very low end). Yet she had the spiritual faith and intestinal fortitude to take the leap. And Spirit responded to her in a very big way.

I have my own examples of times when I really honestly couldn’t afford something, took the leap, and the money manifested itself in miraculous ways.

If you are interested in my Sacred Mentorship and you think you can’t afford it, book a free consult with me. I can share my own stories of manifestation with you, and talk you through how I will teach you the breathing exercises I do every day, and the shaman rituals my teacher taught me that help me maintain an abundant mindset and keep a happy relationship with money.

While I can’t promise that some friend of yours will gift you thousands of dollars, I can say that I believe Spirit works in miraculous ways and abundance is ever-present….

If you are open to receiving.


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