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The Great Surrender of 2020

If I've learned anything this year, this chaotic, crazy, catastrophic, conundrum of a year, I've learned to surrender control. I mean REALLY surrender. I can offer so many examples of things I've faced and tried to fix, and tried to fix, and tried to fix. The more I try to fix, the worse they get.

But, when I finally give in and [gulp] BE PATIENT. . .

everything eventually works itself out.

But, Patience is a bitch.

and a sweetheart.

Patience won't force herself on me.

She'll just wait, very patiently, until me come to her and ask for her help. She lurks in the shadows, watching and waiting with this quiet, stubborn tenacity. She waits and waits and waits, and waits some more for me to ask for her help, for as long as it takes. It's almost as if she is amused watching me with this stubborn smug grin as I churn and struggle and work and toil, until finally I lament and take her hand.

When I do finally drop my head and follow her, she leads me right to Surrender. When I bring the white flag and lie at the feet of Surrender, Patience sits with me. Ever so kindly she stays with me as I finally exhale and allow myself to rest.

She stays for as long as it takes.


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