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Seeing & Reading Chakras

When I was just a child, my dad came home from an intuitive development self-awareness workshop and told me that people have colors emanating off their bodies called auras.

I said, "yeah Dad, yours is blue."

After a period of overwhelming excitement, Dad went on to explain to me that auras and chakras are constantly moving and changing, with every thought and mood you have.

And so started my adventure into the world of seeing and reading chakras and auras.

I see them like you see what someone is wearing. That said, I don't pay much attention most of the time. They change with every thought and mood, so paying attention is a world of attention deficit distraction.

I "see" chakras best through my third-eye vision, which is a merging of all my senses together. Because the actual visual colors and images of the aura can be overwhelming and distracting to my physical eyes, I find it easier to read chakras over the phone. This way I can look at your energy through my mind's eye without distraction.

When I see the chakras, I don't just see a number of glowing globes lining the spine with the colors of the rainbow. I see color, texture, density, volume, sound vibration, movement vibration, viscosity, hue, intensity, traffic, and so much more. Trying to describe what I see is like trying to describe the intricacies of the northern lights, on speed.

Many practitioners speak of the chakras as "open" or "closed." But I don't ever see them as "closed" like a door closes and latched. Rather, I see them as having too much energy or not enough energy. If they were closed, there would be NO energy, and that would mean death.

I also don't think chakras should be "balanced" as much as EXERCISED. I think they need the ability to adjust and calibrate themselves to adjust to the circumstances of the moment. They need to find "just right" for right now.

I am NOT a psychic. I cannot see what you won't show me. Therefore, in a chakra reading, I need you to tell me about yourself. As you tell me some stories of your life, I watch your chakras move and adjust. By watching how they behave, I can see if they tend towards excessive, deficient, extreme, or balanced. I can also see which of them is your dominant, being the one(s) that is your go-to energy.


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