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SCORE! Brain Training = Manifestation

I was born a Rasmusson (my maiden name).

My dad’s work friends called him RAS. My brother’s friends called him RAZ. When I taught high school, my students called me T-RAS. (when they were mad at me, they called me T-REX, but that’s a different story for a Tuesday Tale someday)

As a family of RAS, we have a saying we use often, “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.”

It wasn’t until last week that I discovered that RAS is also a really super cool system in the brain, and it’s whole purpose is to propagate our thoughts!

Let me explain…

RAS stands for the Reticular Activating System of the human brain.

It works to filter out the over-abundance of information you receive from your everyday world and make you pay attention to what you have decided is important.

Here’s a little story to explain what that means.

Several years ago, my nephew and I played a road trip game we called SCORE. We would keep track of how many yellow cars we would see. When we saw one, we would scream SCORE and fist bump the ceiling of the car. (a dopamine rush)

There are yellow cars everywhere. Lots of them. Sure, they aren’t as common as grey or black or white cars, but they are out there. And, even though yellow is a bright color, we don’t tend to notice them or pay attention to them unless we are looking for them.

The more I played the game with my nephew, the better we both got. The higher our SCORES were.

That’s because the Reticular Activating System in our brains was doing its job. The more we played the game, the more we told our brains that yellow cars are important. And the more dopamine rushes we got to reinforce our SCORE. The more we deemed yellow cars important, the more RAS made us notice the yellow cars that are always out there!

Thoughts held in mind, Yellow Cars, produce after their kind, SCORE!

This is all to say, my family of RAS is pretty darn good at manifesting.

And when I discovered what the Reticular Activating System is in the brain and how it works, I learned that we don’t really “manifest” anything, but rather, we are just really good and training our brains to notice what it is we want to notice!

And my dear friends, this is what I do for a living!

I teach people how to train their brains to notice the amazing, magnificent, magical, brilliant, abundant, profound, masterful, awesome world we live in!

Try this as a game...instead of looking for yellow cars, choose something you want for you life, and every time you see it, whether it is yours or not, yell SCORE and fist bump the sky (dopamine rush). You'll start noticing that "thing you want" is everywhere...and the next step is to allow yourself to RECEIVE.

If you have a difficult time with the receiving part, book a call with me and I can help you figure out what is going on in your chakras (your nervous system) that is blocking your receptors.

(friends...if you like this post, please share...SCORE!!!)


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