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Rainbows & Unicorns - You. Can. Have. It. All.

I saw a unicorn yesterday.

No, seriously.

A unicorn!

She was a grandma-type-lady wearing a unicorn helmet, and driving an electric scooter that was DECKED OUT with all the glitter and iridescence and streamers.

Let me back up and give you more context.

I was having breakfast at a cafe with a client. The same client who saw a double rainbow during her first intention setting session with me. (that’s another story)

At the moment Grandma-Unicorn went speeding by,

I was saying to my client, “You can have it all!”


I totally believe in miracles, and all the signs that come with them.

This double-rainbow-grandma-unicorn story is proof.

This particular client is in the midst of a series of interviews and negotiations for her DREAM JOB! When she met me, she thought she’d ride out her current position for five more years and then manifest what she really wants.

But then she set an intention with me, saw a double rainbow, and BOOM

dream job interviews just weeks later.

While all my clients are not literally seeing rainbows and unicorns every day,

they are having major breakthroughs in their lives

and manifesting what they’ve always wanted out of life.

Here’s what they all have in common.

Imagine this.

you’ve lived a good life

you’ve served your community

you’ve taken care of your family

you’ve built a career

and now,

you want a change.

because you’ve been taking care of everyone else

putting your own dreams on hold

for a very long time.

And it’s exhausting.

and has been for far too long.

While you have enjoyed it,

and your SO PROUD of all the dreams you’ve helped other people reach

you’re also just flippin' exhausted.


…you’re afraid that if you stop doing what you’ve been doing,

you’ll feel too guilty


you’ve spent your whole life making others

feel worthy

know that they are enough

feel supported and loved and cared for

and manifest their own rainbows and unicorns

now it is your turn!

It’s time for a major life change.

A lifestyle change

the big…(gulp)…change…

(no…I didn’t mean menopause…but that could be part of it)

YOU want the rainbows and unicorns

(and why not throw in butterflies AND pots of gold too)

YOU want to one day BE that grandma riding a unicorn down the street!

It’s YOUR turn.

but who is there to help YOU?

do you even deserve it?

Who are you to dream of being a grandma-unicorn on a scooter?

You’ve always been independent

and done most everything for yourself on your own

but this time, you don’t want to do this by yourself,

and you don’t want to go through yet another major life change…alone.

I can tell you this,

if you let me help you,

the transition and spiritual growth process

will go faster, and smoother, and easier…

and maybe even be fun!

If you’re ready to find out how you can

work to one day become that grandma riding a unicorn down the street.

Or maybe you don’t want to be a grandma unicorn, and you just want to explore what you could be…

Book a Sacred Mentorship call with me

so that you can find what your next level of awesome looks like.


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