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Full Sturgeon Moon 8.11.22

My Hobbit has a saying he likes to use every time we get out of the car to go into a public space. “Act Normal.”

Sometimes he says “are we going to act normal now?”

We joke because we both know that we are most certainly NOT normal.



He’s a hobbit.

I’m an owl.

We are an odd pair.

We tend to break all the rules of normal.

And…when we enter public spaces, we do our best to act normal, be normal. AKA not cause a scene.

However…this month’s Sturgeon Full Moon has other ideas.

This month’s Sturgeon Full Moon expects us to NOT ACT NORMAL,

And to throw out the definitions of Normal altogether!

It’s the final supermoon of the year, appearing larger than “normal” because it is closest to the sun this time of year.

This full moon is challenging us all to BREAK old-school rules in BIG unexpected ways. This full moon wants you to shatter your usual boxes and smash any emotional shackles that you wear when you are trying to “act normal.”

The sturgeon in this full moon is expecting you to do something unexpected, to go against the grain, to shake things up in a big HUGE way.

Based on how I’ve been feeling this full moon this week, I’m thinking that this full moon will force my old school rules to break if I don’t do it myself.

So I’m digging in and asking myself what conditioning, and imprinting, and patterning I have lived by as “that’s what everyone considers to be ‘normal’” that really doesn’t feel authentic to me in my not normal ways.

For example…

The world’s “normal” is very social. Concerts. Parties. Large gathering events. I’m a sensitive introvert. My NOT NORMAL is small intimate gatherings with DEPTH.

I tried going to a concert last week. It was an outdoor standing-only concert.

I let myself be NOT NORMAL and sat on the ground in the back corner wearing noise canceling headphones.

The world’s “normal” goes to doctors, and hospitals, and pharmacies for ailments. I’m an HSP who experiences severe side effects with any pharmaceutical medication. I have been pharmaceutical free for 20+ years.

I spent half a day with my dad at his VA hospital medical appointments this week. I let myself be NOT NORMAL and asked his primary care doctor about getting him off some of his meds. (it didn’t work, but this time at least I tried!)

This full moon is the Sturgeon Full Moon.

Sturgeons are doers, with a depth of emotional understanding and a slick skill in dealing with difficulty. As bottom swimmers, sturgeon are sensitive and perceptive to emotional depth, yet they can hide their pain and worry behind their tough look and independent spirit. These fish that have been around FOREVER make the impossible possible, and create sweeping change.

This full sturgeon moon is calling out energy sensitives who are perceptive to emotional depth and live NOT NORMAL lives to celebrate our NOT NORMALNESS and make the impossible possible and create sweeping change.


If you are NOT NORMAL and tired of "acting normal" in this world, I'm offering a workshop that talks about what it means to be a "not normal" energetically sensitive soul, and how to navigate that in this post-pandemic world.


If you know you are energetically sensitive and "not normal" and you are wanting to start celebrating your "not normalness" but don't know how to get beyond the over-stimulation, over-whelm, and over-thinking of your sensitivity, I invite you to consider my Wisdom Within Sacred Mentorship Program.


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