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Full (Blood) Beaver MoonLetter 11.8.22

Feeling Complicated and Contradictory Emotions Lately?

Wow, this past month has been a doozy, hasn't it? It's been this barrage of amazing wows coupled with overwhelming ouchies.

This Full BEAVER BLOOD MOON is a total lunar eclipse. Which means we (the earth) is smack dab between the sun and the moon, enough to cast a red-blood shadow onto the moon. Being between the light of the sun and the darkness of the moon, we are caught between the light and dark of our emotions. Feeling them both pull on us at the same time, in full force. This month, this "in the middle of opposites" feeling is heavily about love...which opposes grief.

For example, I'm living my best life, rolling out lefse with my family (love), dancing in the kitchen, laughing to Hobbit's antics (more love)...and then...I get word that one of my friend's lost her mother (grief). All of a sudden, I find myself in that space of complicated emotion ~ feeling exuberant joy, and deep heavy empathic the same time. I'm no longer dancing with my family and my Hobbit in my kitchen, I'm dancing with love and grief in my mind and heart.

Let me tell you, exuberant joy dancing with empath sorrow results in a lot of bruised toes...and flubbing giggles.

This scenario has played out in my life five times in the last four weeks. While I'm in the midst of something very joyful, peaceful, and love-ful in my life, I get word from someone I love that they just lost someone close.

For me, the happies are my own, and the sads are empath feels for others.

But, I've noticed in my clients, their complex feels are living these contradictory co-habitation games inside themselves.

For them, the bruised toes and flubbing giggles dance of contradictory emotions is even more complex, like someone in crutches trying to dance with someone in a wheelchair to the tune of dueling banjos.

A great example is one of my clients. She came to me wanting to learn how to manifest abundance in her life more. We had just barely started our work on teaching her chakras how to OPEN to receive (her receiving muscles were turned way down)...and she fell and broke her ankle, needing surgery and two weeks of strict bed-rest followed by 3 months of intense recovery. Major OUCHIE. And, in the process of all this, she has been completely overwhelmed with ABUNDANCE, the abundance she wanted. Every time I connect with her she is crying this complicated mix of physical pain mixed with overwhelming gratitude and love and joy for the outpouring of support she is RECEIVING from all directions.

Shortly after her ankle surgery, I gave her an energy healing and walked her through a brain-training reframing exercise to help her open her heart to RECEIVE. Then I gave her some homework to practice every day during her two-week bedrest to heal her ankle. She was able to experience BOTH the pain of the ankle surgery AND the great joy of receiving abundance and love in her recovery process.

The secret (that this client is learning) is that the only way out is through, so you might as well surrender to the process and figure out that these contradictory emotions CAN co-exist, and do so quiet eloquently, if you let them.

The way to let them is to appreciate the unpleasant emotions as complements to the pleasant ones.

As part of my Chakra Sacred Mentorship program, I often find myself helping my clients develop healthier and more functional relationships with their unpleasant emotions (grief, guilt, anger, fear, etc.), so that they can find ways to fully enjoy the dueling banjoes of emotions that co-exist in their lives.

One client, while processing the recent death of her mother, was dealing with an intense amount of Guilt. When I asked her to personify Guilt, she described an ugly Jabba the Hut type authoritarian creature who did not play nice with others. (can you imagine dancing with Guilt as Jabba the Hut???...OUCH...and gross!)

I walked this client through a brain training exercise to establish a different relationship with Guilt, one that was not so ugly and authoritarian, but one she could dance with while also feeling joy and love. Then, I gave her a chakra balancing exercise to practice every-day to reinforce those new brain patterns. She now has an entirely different perspective of Guilt and whenever that Jabba the Hut character emerges she knows how to put him in his place.


If you are dealing with an intense contradiction of emotions in your life...I can help with that on the long term. Book a free consultation with me to see if my Chakra Sacred Mentorship Chakra is right for you.


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