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Financial Re-Alignment Starts with Spirit

Every year, I dedicate the month of January to FINANCIAL RE-ALIGNMENT.

On the practical level, this means sorting through my finances from the prior year to organize year-end reports and get ready to file income taxes.

On a spiritual level, this means reviewing my affirmations and intentions and setting new intentions for the next year.

I’ve done this, and a number of other spiritual abundance practices for many many years.

I’ve believed in the law off attraction and practiced creative visualization since the mid-1980s (long before The Secret became a big non-secret).

I made my first vision board in the early 1990s

(we called them treasure maps back then).

I’ve used all kinds of affirmations.

I read all the books (The Secret. Rich Dad Poor Dad. You Are a Badass at Making Money…etc.)

And my efforts all worked.

mostly. kinda. sorta. sometimes. . . sometimes not.

You see, the affirmations and practices kept me in my head, and didn’t land in my BODY.

More importantly, they didn’t travel freely in my SPIRIT.

And then the pandemic happened.

January 2021 was different.

I still organized my finances, paid my taxes, and reviewed my intentions.

But somehow, accidentally (on purpose), my abundance practices were different, and as a result, 2021 was an exceedingly ABUNDANT year for me!

So this January, as I sat down to my quickbooks to organize my finances for the year, it didn't make sense to me. My year-end profit and loss was the lowest I've ever had. But somehow I FELT more abundant than ever. I re-calculated the numbers, three times.

So then, I took a look at my wealth intentions of 2021 and realized I had achieved them all, and then some.

But how?

What did I do differently in 2021 that I hadn't done in all my spiritual abundance practices before?

I scoured my journals for answers…and there they were between the purple ink-bled lines, in the spaces in between the words, inside the context of non-money related ramblings.

Somehow, during the whole year, I didn't worry about money anymore. At all. I couldn't find one reference in my journals to money worries. not one.

I now have this internal and intuitive KNOWING that everything always balances out, and that I ALWAYS have everything I need.

How did I do this?

clearly by not writing about money troubles. but moreso, I discovered I did two things differently:

FIRST - I changed my relationship with money.

Because of the pandemic, I engaged with money differently than I ever had before. This is what caused the reset. I made some very big decisions about how I spent my money, and I acted on those decisions.

For example, I chose to stop shopping at Target, Walmart, and other big box stores, and instead directed my funds toward small and/or local businesses that I wanted to help survive. And because I was spending less, I had extra, and I started tipping more, donating more, sharing more.

SECOND - I took my manifestation practice out of my head and put it in my BODY and my SPIRIT.

No, I didn’t stop doing my affirmations. I just stopped making the affirmations the focal point. Instead, I started ACTING on them and breathing with them.

For example, I started making mindful offerings and donations both to spirit and to my community (that was part of #1 above...tipping and offering more). Every time I tipped, I wrote a note of encouragement about abundance to my server, AND I took a deep intentional breath with the offering.

I also made spiritual offerings to nature a regular and consistent and PLAYFUL habit. Thanks to my Hobbit's prodding, I re-ignited a shaman ritual offering I had done (and it worked) years prior. Together we made that offering twice a month, for the whole year.

And BAM, my attitude toward money changed from

“I don’t have enough”



...and so it is...


My take-away from all this is that abundance and prosperity is more about spiritual alignment than it is financial alignment. In order to align with money, you gotta align your heart and spirit.

SACRED MENTORSHIP can help you to align with your heart, your spirit, and your relationship to money, so that you can manifest the abundance that is yours.

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