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Empath Energy Report 6.14.21 ~ Take off the Rose Colored Glasses

This last week was INTENSE. My astrologer friends posted that the new moon solar eclipse was the biggest astrological event of the year. Let's break that down symbolically. The moon, which represents a tidal pool on the waters of our emotions, got between the sun and the earth, temporarily, but not completely blocking our light.

Simply put, emotions clouded our truth.

I don't know about you, but in terms of the complicated relationships in my life, I felt like I was in an energetic game of asteroids. I had my shields up on all fronts, AND I had to fight with full swords through a massive spiritual warfare sh*t-storm. The empath-energy-sensitive in me recognized that this last solar eclipse was meant to light up the halo of all remaining toxicities to help us burn them out. And they lit themselves up bright, like a massive ring of fire in the sky!

Let's take a look at generalized example, that likely all Empaths can relate to.

As Empaths, we like to see the BEST in people, and the POTENTIAL in people. We walk around with the rose colored glasses on where we see someone's pain, and their manifestations of their pains as harsh and abusive towards others...but we *see* where that pain is coming from, so we give them a pass. We understand their own woundedness, and we *know* that if they one day HEAL that wound, they can become this great energy that we *SEE* underneath all the woundedness. In essence, we have this extensive HOPE for all people, but especially the wounded ones.

What happened in this last intense week is that these wounded people reared their ugly wounds in a really big way. They got aggressive. They got abusive. They publicly shamed and blamed and accused and attacked. We, as empaths, were tempted to lash back out, but we likely didn't. Instead, we responded in loving kindness, only to be met with MORE abuse, more attacks, more blame. Their perception of reality is VERY different from our own. They are speaking an intensely different language than we are. What we have in a massive failure to communicate, and there is no overcoming it.

And then...

We lost HOPE. We could no longer see the possibilities, the potentialities, the beauty underneath because the layers of ugly festered wounds were just too much.

So we had to walk away.

As we retreated, blocked, walked away, said "NO MORE" we realized that these people don't want our help. They don't want our support. They don't like the healing we might have to offer. They are choosing their own woundedness, so much so that they blame us for their wounds. We had to gulp and swallow hard and take the blow to our egos and, yup, surrender, to letting them go. Letting them cut us out of their lives, or worse, we had to cut them out of our lives.

As empaths, that hurts. And afterwards, we suffer intense side effects. We are now in the midst of an empath hangover.

For me, an empath hangover means that my digestive system changes. I go into detox mode. I lose my appetite. I spend more time in the bathroom. I spend more time sleeping. I go into hyper-introvert mode and want to hide from the world, even those I love and enjoy the most.

But, I know it only lasts a day or two. And when I come out the other side, I feel AH-MAZ-ING!

hang on friends. it gets better.


Are you suffering an Empath Hangover? Or are you grieving the loss of that person in your life who had a different reality than your own? Book an Appointment to *see* through the rose colored glasses and find a new truth.


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